Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Things We Sang Today

"WE'RE GONNA BE LATE!" Callie yelled as she and I ran to the auditorium in AGPPA.
"WHY ARE WE DOING THIS?!" I questioned.
"'Cause" Callie breathed as we reached the doors,
"Nathan is in this class." She made googly eyes and tried to be me.
"HEY!" I replied.
"More importantly, I NEED to get this extra credit and SOMEONE" She sneered at me "didn't want to go to Art, so HERE WE ARE!" She exclaimed and opened the doors.


"Dude, really?" I asked.
"Yes DUDE." She replied and walked up with her most "I'm-freaking-Callie-Monroe" walk and went straight up to a black haired, brown eyed teacher named Mrs. Hodge, the chorus director, with me following close behind.

Mrs. Hodge looked like she went through enough for one day because Riley Pennington, the school jerk-face, had just been sent to the Principal.

Callie didn't care, she strode up to Mrs. Hodge and proclaimed, "Prudence and I would like to audition for Chorus." With a proud smile, while mine was nervous.
"Oh really?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
We nodded.
"Well, with Clara-Mae and Josh out, we will have JUST enough room!" Mrs. Hodge clapped her hands together, then called out to the rest of the Chorus
"Everyone we have two new recruits!" She called out pointing to Callie and I.
Nathan and Elizabeth smiled at me, which I smiled back.
"Please introduce yourselves, girls." Mrs. Hodge ordered.
I nodded for Callie to go first which she did,
"My name is Callie Layne Monroe. I'm a hippie, but not one of those non-showering ones because I enjoy personal hygiene. Thank you very much."
Everyone laughed, even Mrs. Hodge smiled a little.
A red head girl in the back yelled out "WHO IS YOUR FAVORITE SINGER, CALLIE?"
Callie smiled and said "The Beatles, of course" Like it was common knowledge.
Some kids cheered.
Callie then bowed and motioned for me to introduce myself.
"Hi, I'm Prudence Farrow. I'm a....." I trailed off,

what was I?

Then I remembered the big word Melanie used to describe me,
"I am a Gleek. Which means I love all things Glee. Also I am a bit of a spaz but I don't spaz out anymore."
Everyone cheered, Nathan said "WHOO PEACH!" I lived up to my name, turning bright peach.
"Well, Callie and Prudence, let's get to the auditions. Everyone off of the stage!"
Mrs. Hodge ordered, and the kids did as they were told and sat in the seats.
Callie and I exchanged a glance, and right as I was about to say I wanted to go first I was interrupted by the doors opening.
"Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Hodge. So So SO Sorry!" Molly's voice filled the doors.
Mrs. Hodge smiled and said "It's okay as long as you're here, Miss Molly."
Molly got closer and noticed Callie and Me and exclaimed while smiling "CALLIE! PRU! I didn't know you wanted to join chorus."
Callie mumbled, "Neither did we."
I elbowed her in the ribs.
"WHOA, Prudy. No need for that." She coughed.

Mrs. Hodge turned to us and asked "Which one of you girls would like to audition first?"
I said "I would."
Callie smiled and wished me luck as I went up to the stage and went to center stage.
I went to, who else, but Cindie who was in charge of all the music.
I whispered my song selection and she smiled and said "You're going to be great, Pru." I smiled and thanked her then went to center stage.

Elizabeth gave me a thumbs up and Nathan winked at me.
I turned and cued Cindie to start the CD.

The intro to Michael Jackson's 'Man In The Mirror' played, then started skipping.
"Oh no." Cindie said then took out the CD and looked to me for ideas.

I had nothing.

Luckily, Callie did. She ran up to the stage and grabbed a guitar and went to the drummer "Do you know 'Things We Said Today' by The Beatles?" The drummer nodded and she ran to the rest of the band and asked them all the same question and got the same response. She then ran up to me and said "You know the song 'Things We Said Today' right?" I nodded, "It's one of my favorite songs Cals, you know that."
"THEN SING GIRL SING!" She ordered and ran over by Cindie and played the guitar intro.

"You say you will love me, if I have to go." I sang a little quiet.
Molly, who was sitting on the piano, motioned for me to sing louder.
"You'll be thinking of me. Somehow I will know." I sang louder.
The kids cheered.
"Someday when I'm lonely. Wishing you weren't so far away." I said, looking at Nathan.
"Then I will remember the things we said today."

After the song ended, everyone got up and cheered. Callie, Cindie, Molly, and Elizabeth ran and hugged me.
"You did AMAZING!" Callie complimented.
"Your a really good singer, Pru!" Elizabeth smiled.
"I think singing talent might run in the family." Molly said, then winked.
"How long have you been able to sing like that?" Cindie asked.
"I have no idea, but thanks everyone!" I replied.

Mrs. Hodge called for all of the kids to form a circle. I looked around and saw 12 kids, Molly, Callie, myself, Nathan, Elizabeth, a short girl named Jessica, a blue eyed girl with freckles named Casey, the boy with long red hair who's name was Keith, two boys with green eyes and one with blond hair and the other with brown, who's names were [blond kid] Peter, and [brown hair] Tyler, a tall boy with glasses and curly blond hair named Ryan and a boy with black hair, freckles and big brown eyes named Jake.
"Okay everyone, well as you know we have been called a 'choir' by everyone in the school, but actually, we are a SHOW CHOIR!" She said gleefully.
"So you mean like a glee club?" Jake asked.
"So we will, like, travel and compete?" Nathan asked.
"And be like the show, Glee?" I asked.

This is going to be a good year.



  1. You were AMAZING!!!! lol
    Chorus was so good today after Riley left! I was suprised to see you walking through the door!


  2. Lol! I didnt relize I was on Julie's account! haha. That comment above is from me!