Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sing! *Part One*

"This is it" I sighed to myself as I got into my blue Beyonce-style ensemble. I walked out of the bathroom stall and got a glance of Callie.

"Wow, Callie! You look really pretty!" I complemented.
"Really? I don't like it." She muttered.
"I'm sure Tyler will" Molly walked up behind her and assured.
Callie's baby blue eyes lit up just at the mention of his eyes.
"COME ON MOLLY! LET'S GO!" Callie yelled as she pulled Molly out of the girls' bathroom.
"See ya in the chorus room!" Molly exclaimed then left with Callie.

I decided to wait for Elizabeth, who was finishing up her math test in Mrs. Jones' room.
I walked back into a stall that had a mirror and looked at myself in it.
"That stupid Callie girl thinks she's going to get MY man." A voice said.
"Wait, Jessica, you and Tyler aren't a couple anymore!" Another voice replied.
"Yeah, you said you hated his guts." Yet ANOTHER voice added.

I peeked through the crack in the bathroom door to find Jessica and her two clones, Jaylin and Janessa.
I silently gasped because Jessica had seemed so nice! She even invited me to her birthday party.

But am I going anymore? Heck no.

Before I could bust out of the stall and say something, Jessica spoke up;
"Well, she'll probably be making googly eyes at Tyler the whole time she sings her song in Chorus."
"He'll probably be like 'OMG'" Jaylin added and they all snickered.

I wanted to kill them all, that was my SISTER they were talking about.

"Ahh well I better get in my Gaga costume for chorus. See ya later. Love ya" Jessica said as she blew a kiss.
"Love ya!" They mimicked and exited.

I opened the door and gave Jessica my best death stare.
"Prudence! Hey! I LOVE your Beyonce cos-" She said in a fake sugary sweet voice.
"Save it." I hissed.
"What ever do you mean?" She asked acting innocent.
"You're a two-faced witch!" Except I didn't say witch....
She just stared at me incredulously.
"You act nice one minute, then you're talking behind people's backs the next." I added.
"Whatever Prudence, your sister Callie was always too fat to be in MY chorus." She rolled her eyes and walked to the stall.
I grabbed her arm and spun her around.
"Okay let's get this straight,
One, CALLIE IS NOT FAT. Hon, she's skinnier than you.
and TWO, Callie is a better person NOW than you will EVER BE.
Oh and Three,.." I slapped her across the face and huffed away.

I'll tell you all about the actual chorus performance's later.


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  1. omg! Jessica is such a witch (with a B!) How mean! She seemed so nice to me! She even gave me an invitation to her bday party! I'm def. not going to go! Callie is NOT FAT! Jeez! Jessca is like 150 pounds! lol!