Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today was costume day at school!
I was SUPPOSED to be a hippie, but at the last minute, I was called in to be Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." The person who made me be Dorothy was Molly, and the only reason I said yes was because my sisters were all dressing up as Characters from the movie.
Julie was the Scarecrow,
Molly was the Cowardly Lion,
and Cindie was the Tin Man (or in this case, Tin Girl)

we looked pretty cute, actually :D

At school, I got a glimpse of what everyone was.
I saw Vampires, Ghosts, Witches, Wizards, and everything else.
Then I saw HER

SHE is Rachel Vanstrongski.
A.k.a the most popular girl in school.
A.k.a the girl who was wearing the EXACT same costume as me.
A.k.a Nathan Modine's girlfriend.

I turned to Abbey, who [shocker.] went as Taylor Swift, and asked,
Abbey looked at Rachel, then to me and said "Oh my gosh, I don't know. Do you think she's noticed that you two are like twins?"
I shook my head, then I went back to looking at Rachel and Nathan.
"How could I have been so stupid? Obviously the most POPULAR guy in school has a girlfriend. I knew it, he was just being nice to the new girl." I muttered to no one in particular and tore down the hallway with my make-up running and all. Abbey called after me

I didn't.
I just kept running and running, until I ran SMACK into someone - and that someone was none other then Rachel.
"Hon, next Halloween. Go with something more ORIGINAL." She sneered while looking down at my costume.
"You're wearing the same thing." I retorted.
"Whatever, oh and if you EVER think your going to get MY Nathan to like you, let alone LOVE you. You've got another thing coming." She said, then turned around and walked the other way.

She was right,
Nathan would never fall for ME.
The freak.

Heartbreak sucks.



  1. Omg! Prudence I'm so sorry! I really thoguht you too would get together! I never even knew he had a Girlfriend!
    and that was so mean Of Rachel! She WAS wearing the exact same thing! and I bet Nathan really does like you! But he's keeping it a secret!

    Dont let it get to you! Your beautiful and Nathan would be really lucky to have you! :(


  2. Your Welcome:)
    and yes we are going! At first I wasnt going to go because I dont really like going to party's (I know weird) but Becca talked me into it. lol


  3. thanks(:
    and You'll meet somebody someday that will ACTUALLY appreciate you! Even if it's not Nathan! Ugh I want to spit when I say his name! lol
    I cant believe Jeff is Best friends with that Jerk/dweeb! I wonder how it's going to go at Hayley's Halloween Party! I since a fight coming on! lol