Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get Well Soon Letters...?

Hi everyone, Sonali here.

Assuming most of you have read Chrissa's post about this whole ordeal. You will know that Prudence is in a coma.

If you don't, well there you have it. A Coma.

She got hit by a car and had massive head trauma, which caused her to fall into a coma. Well, Charity and I got this idea.

Since she has all of you guys, we figured, maybe that you guys would want to drop her get well soon comments.....?

Like, so when she gets better, she can smile and realize that you guys didn't forget about her.

I know Prudence, and I know that it would make her feel a heck of a lot better if you guys did that. :)

Thanks in advance,
Sonali <3

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hold Up(s)

okay everyone.
do you like posts when the blog owner writes about how much they HATE how like NO ONE is commenting on their posts?
Odds are, you don't.

Neither do I, but now I understand how they feel.

I know blogging is for fun, and all, but I take time out of my day to write a post. I know I don't make one every day,
but that's because, not every day I live is blog-able.


I mean, I understand why you don't want to comment.

No, actually I don't.

Come on, there are THIRTY of you,


But, it seems like there are only 3.

-Dear, this post is really whiny-

but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm really kind of sad, because every time Chrissa posts, it gets like 20000000 comments.

Stupid Chrissa -.-

Well, I hope you don't completely HATE me after this next line, but it's not because of the neglect I've been getting, but actually something really serious.

I'm not going to post on here until February 20th.

The reason?

Well, I guess you'll just have to figure that out for yourselves. ;)

**A very jealous&mean Prudence..**

OOOH! But you guys can still check out what's going on with all of the blogs that my sister's have.

Julia's, Rita's, and Chrissa's blogs are all over there!

so be SURE to check it out and stay in touch!

-okay now i'm done-

Friday, January 21, 2011


"SECOND SEMESTER SCHEDULES ARE HERE!" My Science teacher, Mrs. Raeson, called to everyone in first hour.

At AGPPA, they are starting a new thing, they change classes during the semester change.

I waltzed up and picked up my schedule and looked it over.

Here's what it said.


"Awesome!" I smiled, then folded up the paper and put it in my back pocket.


I walked into Spanish, all smiles. I hoped, more than anything, that I had at least ONE with Nathan. Our relationship is kind of on the rocks now, and I know that having classes together will revive it.

"PEACH!" He smiled, greeting me at the door with a hug.
"NATE!" I smiled back, hugging him. Then I went to my seat and sat down.

"Give." I said, cutting to the chase.
He nodded and handed me his schedule, which I compared to with my own.

"No, no, no, no, no...." I muttered, sliding my finger down to the last class, silently hoping it said "Spanish."

"Math." I whispered to myself. I looked up at Nathan.

"So any classes?" He asked.
I shook my head.
"WHAT? This is an OUTRAGE! We should sue." He joked.
I fake-laughed, but my fake-laugh is very real. I could give Becca a run for her money at that whole 'Rising-Actress-Star' thing.

(Today was a half day.)

"See you all next semester! Also known as Monday!" Mrs. Wilamza smiled and sent us all on our way.

"Bye Prudence! See you in Math!" Nathan called out to me, I turned and waved to him, then went to my locker and spent fourth and fifth hour in complete heartbreak.

I made my way into Math Class, where all we did was turn in our homework and talk. As I was having a conversation with Nathan and my friend Alicia, I realized that this could be the last conversation we ever have.

Yes, we're going out, but not seeing him everyday might lead him to.......


Before I knew it, the clock struck 11:14, and it was time to go home. I rushed out of the class room, holding back tears. I was halfway to my locker when I heard a voice calling out to me.

I turned around and saw Nathan trying to catch up to me.
"Yeah?" I asked, hoping he would say that he changed to my math class.
"I changed classes!" He smiled.
I smiled, and REALLY smiled this time.
"Who do you have?" I asked.
"Mr. Mathins." He smiled.
My smile faded.
"oh." I whispered, I remembered that Rachel (his ex-girlfriend) was in that class.
"Well, I will talk to you on Monday, hopefully. Bye Prudence." He kissed my forehead, then headed off to his locker.
I walked to my locker with my head held down and got all of my stuff and began to exit the school.

I remembered the song Marisol was listening to by Michael Jackson.
How did it go? How?

"He's out of my life." I began to sing. The original song was called 'She's Out Of My Life' but I changed the words.
"He's out of my life." I repeated, with more emotion.
"And I Don't Know Whether To Laugh Or Cry." I shook my head, walking slowly.
"I Don't Know Whether To Live Or Die" I looked around, all of the smiling faces were mocking me.
"And It Cuts Like A Knife" I imitated a cutting motion with my hand while singing.
"He's Out Of My Life." A tear escaped my tear duct before I could stop it.

"It's Out Of My Hands
It's Out Of My Hands" I shook my head again.
"To Think For Three Months He Was Here." I changed the words again.
"And I Took Him For Granted I Was So Cavalier" I leaned up against a locker and stared at the ground while I sang.

"Now The Way That It Stands
He's Out Of My Hands" I pushed my hands into my coat pocket.

Then I started walking again.

"So I've Learned That Love's Not Possession." I passed two friends hugging.
"And I've Learned That Love Won't Wait." I passed a couple smiling at each other.
"Now I've Learned That Love Needs Expression." I nodded while singing.
"But I Learned Too Late." I slapped my forehead softly.

"He's Out Of My Life
He's Out Of My Life" I walked out of the doors and into the hustle and bustle of the parking lot.
"Danged Indecision And Cursed Pride." My voice intensified.
"Kept My Love For Him Locked Deep Inside" I got closer to where all of my sisters were in a little cluster.
"And It Cuts Like A Knife." I looked over to see a flash of jet black.

"He's Out Of My....." My voice cracked.

I spotted Nathan getting into his mom's car.

"Life." I finished, then walked over to my sisters.

"How Was Your Day?" Marisol asked me.
"Heartbreaking." I muttered as I watched the car drive away.

I've had people fall out of my life, but it seems like Nathan was yanked out.


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Becca's Apologies

I walked up to the sparkly door and knocked on it.

Yesterday was Becca's birthday, this is how it went.

"Who is it?" Becca asked.
"Prudence." I sighed, I'm pretty much the only one she hasn't messed with.
She opened the door.
"HI PRU!" She hugged me.
I hugged back, but still.


"Beck, are you okay?" I asked.
"Yeah!" She smiled.
"Okay, and..... ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR!" I counted, smiling.

Everyone stood outside their bedroom doors and started singing.


We love birthdays, if you haven't noticed.

"Oh my gosh! Thank you!" Becca smiled, hugging everyone of us individually. When she hugged Julia and Chrissa, however, there was a bit of tension.

Julia and Becca have a really bad History together, they are constantly fighting.

Chrissa and Becca, on the other hand, would get along FABULOUSLY if it weren't for the fact that they both have (or HAD) eyes for Matt Riden, Chrissa's crush.

"And Chrissa. I'm sorry. I didn't know that you liked Matt first, and when I found out, I should have backed off. I am so sorry." Becca sincerely apologized.

By the look on Chrissa's face, she was shell shocked.
"........Really?" Chrissa asked.
"Absolutely." Becca smiled.
"I forgive you" Chrissa hugged Becca.

Everyone cheered.

Becca made her way over to Julia.
"Julia Suzanne Albright." Becca started.
"Save it." Julia put up her hand.

Everyone went silent. We all expected a fight to break out.

"I forgive you." Julia smiled.
"Really?" Becca's eyes lit up.
"Yes, now hug me before I change my mind." Julia smiled, then brought Becca in for a hug.

Then we all got dressed and went to Rebecca's house for a surprise party for Becca and Rebecca. Everyone seemed so happy and caring.

I wonder how long this will last.

Friday, January 14, 2011


"Welcome back to Chorus, Prudence!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
I walked into the doors of the auditorium and was tempted to turn around, I thought everyone would act the same.

I looked around,

only Nathan, Ryan, Callie, Elizabeth, Chrissa, Matt, Jake, Charity, Keith, Molly and I were there.

"What happened?" I asked.
"Tyler, Peter, Jessica, and Casey quit." Charity sighed.
"We don't need them though." Ryan re-assured.
"They couldn't even sing" Callie muttered.

Molly, Charity, Elizabeth, and Jake chuckled, everyone else smiled.
"Am I still in Chorus, or did you all kick me out?" I asked, nervously.
"YES, YOU'RE IN CHORUS!" Everyone exclaimed.
"Good" I sighed, smiling.

Everyone got into their normal seats,
Callie, Chrissa, Matt, Jake, Elizabeth, Me, Nathan, Charity, Molly, Ryan, and Keith.

"Well, everyone. We have our first EVER competition, so there are a few things we need to go over. Song choices, themes, costumes, choreography, and a name." Mrs. Hodge listed.
"Well, Sonali and Mrs. Hudson can be in charge of costumes." Chrissa started.
"And Cindie, Ben, and the Band can help pick the music." Matt added.
"And McIntire and I" Keith started and Molly rolled her eyes "Can be in charge of the choreography." Keith finished.

"So that just leaves us with the themes, the songs, and the name." Mrs. Hodge stated.

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA! A Name?" Callie asked, shocked.
"Yup! Our Chorus needs a name!" Mrs. Hodge nodded.

"What are the themes?" Charity asked.

"Well, there are 3 different rounds. The first round's theme is 'Grease' and we already have Jake and Elizabeth singing 'You're The One That I Want.'" Mrs. Hodge smiled to Jake and Elizabeth.
"The second round's theme is 'Judge's Choice' and they are rumored to pick the theme as 'Country.'" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"OOOOOOH" Charity's eyes glistened.


"And the third one is themed 'Group Numbers' so all of you will be showcased in it." Mrs. Hodge finished.

We all nodded, then went to pick out songs.

we're coming :]


Friday, January 7, 2011


-FIFTY POSTS? THANK YOU ALL! If it weren't for you, I would have stopped after 5-

We all ran around to get into position.

Tomorrow was the most important day of any of our doll-lives.
Tomorrow is Melanie's birthday.

In a way, it's our Thanksgiving.
We show Melanie just how important she is to all of us.

Trust me, she is VERY important to us. Especially me.

While running around in a frenzy, I bumped into Marisol.

"Oops! Sorry Mare." I apologized.
"Prudence, I need to tell you something" Marisol sighed.
"What?" I asked.
"Well," She started, pulling me into a corner.
"At school, on Friday, Charity kind of......" She trailed off.


"What?" I was growing impatient.
"CharitythreatnedLiz" Marisol said quickly.
"Can you say that again, in ENGLISH please." I muttered.
"Your mejor amiga, Charity, threatened your ex-mejor amiga, Elizabeth" Marisol sighed.

Even though she used Spanish in there, I understood clearly.

I ran out of the room and busted into Charity's room.

She came out of her walk-in closet in a sparkly silver sleeveless dress.
"How do I look?" She asked.
"Like a disco ball" I joked.
She gave me a look.
"A very fabulous disco ball" I corrected.
She nodded.
"What did you need?" She asked, her hazel eyes twinkling.

"What did you say to Liz? How did you threaten her?" I asked.
Her face fell.
"Oh, you heard about that?" She asked.
I nodded.
"I told her.......things" She stuttered.
"Like what?" I asked.
"Like how I kinda convinced you that Felicity was taking Liz away from you." She looked down.
"WHAT?" I yelled.
"It's all my fault. This whole fight. I need to go" Charity blinked back tears and ran into her closet again.

My head swam.

The only question on my mind was;

"Charity, I'm not really mad. I just need to know why" I sighed.
She came out of her closet again, with a box on tissues and Mascara running down her face.
"I told her that because I thought that you would leave me for Elizabeth, like you left me for Abbey. I know how the Abbey situation ended up, and I thought that Elizabeth would end the same way." She confessed.
I grabbed a tissue and wiped off her make-up.
"Charity, thank you for looking out for me, but I can do that by myself." I re-assured.
She nodded.
"I just saw how all of Liz's friends treated you and I didn't like it. I knew that I had to do something. On top of it all, who let it happen?" Charity asked.
"Liz" I sighed.

There were a few minutes of silence.
"Charity, I'm not mad at you. I'm just mad at this whole situation." I sighed.
"I hope it all works out for the best" Charity sighed.

I got a plan.
"It will. You go re-do your make-up and I will....." I stopped, looking at my outfit.

I was still in my light blue cloud PJ's.

"Go get dressed?" Charity offered.
"Yeah!" I giggled.

I ran to my room and busted into my closet. I looked through all of my outfits.

"It has to be here, It HAS too!" I exclaimed.

"YES!" I exclaimed, pulling out my Beyonce outfit from the first week of Chorus.

Memories, Memories, MEMORIES.

I changed into it and put on my light purple Pea Coat and Charity put on her Lime Green Aeropostale hoodie and we busted out of the door and ran to a very important household.


I knocked on the door.
"Who is it?" A voice asked.
"Open and find out" I hid my voice. The original voice sounded like Rebecca, and GOD KNOWS how mad she was at me.
She opened the door, noticed me and went to shut it.
"NO!" I exclaimed, propping the door open with my foot.
"Why in the name of Chanel should I let either of you in my house?" She growled.
"Because we're here to apologize to one Miss Elizabeth Justine Cole" Charity used her 'Southern-Charm-ish' voice.

Rebecca seemed to consider it.
"JUST LET THEM IN!" Julie yelled.

I always did love Julie.

"Come on in." Rebecca's normal smile re-appeared.
"Thank-you" Charity and I replied in unison.
We entered the house. I waved to Julie and Charity said 'hi.' Then we went up the stairs and walked to Elizabeth's door.

I knocked on it.
"Good Luck" Charity said, then began to walk away.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" I warned.
"What did I do?" Charity asked.
"Dude, did you SERIOUSLY just ask that." I rolled my eyes.
"Fine." Charity pouted.

I knocked on the door once again.
"Rebecca, I already told you. I don't want to go shopping with y-" Elizabeth sighed, then opened the door and stopped mid-sentence.

"Prudence?" She asked.

"I wanted to s-" I was cut off by Charity giving me a nudge.
"We wanted to say that we were sorry." I corrected.

"B-" She started, I put up a hand, to tell her to 'hush.'

"I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for threatening you. I had no right to do that, I just didn't want to see Prudence get hurt again. Now I know not to fight her battles, though" Charity flashed me a smile, then grinned at Elizabeth.

"I guess it's okay, Charity. You were just helping out a friend, I understand." Elizabeth smiled.

"CHARITY!" Julie screamed.
"Yes?" Charity yelled down.
"Sure!" Charity smiled.
"Bye Elizabeth, thank you for accepting my apology. I PROMISE I won't ever lock you in a closet again." Charity smiled, then walked downstairs to help Julie.

Elizabeth smiled in Charity's direction, then turned to me.
"And you?" She asked.

"I want to be your friend again. I know I am the one who got us into this whole mess because of my stupidity. I just wanted to get a fresh start, but little did I know, that fresh start HAD to include you. I'm soooooooooo sorry" I apologized.

She looked at me.

"But I don't expect you to accept my apolo-" I was cut off by a hug.


"I accept your apology. I'm sorry that everyone was so mean to you! I gave them a piece of my mind." Elizabeth re-assured.

"Ahh it's okay. I could care less about them, I was just sad that I didn't have my bestest friend at my side." I smiled.

"What about Felicity and Charity?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, sooner or later, someone will come along that is PERFECT for Lissie. And Charity..." I trailed off, I wanted to say Charity could be like our third amiga, but I didn't know how Elizabeth would take it.

"Can be the third amiga" Elizabeth finished.

I let out a relieved sigh.

"So it's now Prulizarity?" I asked.
She let out a huge laugh, which I joined.

When we were done, she smiled.

"Yes, Prulizarity." She said.

"What in the name of Glee are you wearing?" She asked, using one of our sayings.

I showed her my Beyonce outfit.

"The Gaga/Beyonce outfit? Ohmygosh!" Elizabeth smiled.

I nodded.

"So what are you doing at home?" Liz asked.
"We're planning for Mel's birthday party." I smiled.
"Oh! Of course! What time do you want us to be over?" She asked.
"About 3:30" I smiled.
"Awesome!" Elizabeth smiled.

It felt SO GOOD to have my best friend back <3

All is right with the world <3


Thursday, January 6, 2011


I ran and pushed the huge black doors open.

Chorus had always been my escape, but today, it was a lifeline.

Today at AGPPA had been a living nightmare.

I had Lizzie, Casey, Jake, Ryan, Julie, Julia, [JULIA, MY OWN SISTER!] Becca, [that didn't shock me] Rebecca, Rebecca's boyfriend Jeff, Rebecca's friend Ally, Julie and Julia's friend James, and last but not least Felicity giving me the death stare.


Every one's head's snapped to me. I was breathing heavily.

"If it isn't the most aggravating girl at AGPPA" Jake muttered.
Nathan shot him a death glare, then me a confused look.

I sat down in the middle of Nathan and Charity in the corner of the room.
As soon as my bottom touched the ground, Nathan attacked me with questions.

"What's wrong?"
"Why has everyone been giving me the death glare?"
"Why do you have tear streaks down you-" He shut up once he realized it.

"Did that JERK Rachel do this to you?" He asked.
I shook my head, Rachel had actually laid off the name-calling lately.
"Then who?" He asked.
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

I desperately looked to Charity to help me out.
"Her and Elizabeth got into a fight." Charity stated.
"Oh, Peach. I'm so sorry" He threw his arms around me and embraced me in a hug.

The big doors slammed open again, and I saw Callie, Tyler, Matt, Molly, Keith, and Chrissa walking in.

Surely, they'd be on my side. Right?


"Fail-ow" Tyler muttered.
Keith snickered and they went over to the rest of the traitors.

"HEY!" Callie yelled.

Everything went quiet.

"Okay two things.
One; GET OVER IT, LIZ. I love you to death, but getting everyone in the whole dang school involved? Aren't you better than that?

Two; EVERYONE STOP FIGHTING SOMEONE ELSE'S BATTLE! What are we all, SEVEN? God" Callie sat down on the chairs and Molly, Chrissa, and Matt sat next to her.

I shot her a thankful smile, she waved back.

The doors slammed for a last time.

"HELLO EVERYONE! I suppose you all had a LOVELY break!" She hummed.

Scattered mutters waved across the room.

"Well, we have to start practicing for Competition on January 20th!" Mrs. Hodge sang.

Everyone perked up.


"Where are we competing?" Molly asked.
"We are going to go to...........
CHICAGO!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Chrissa and Molly squealed. Keith and Ryan gave each other a high five. Casey and Elizabeth hugged.

That should be me. One of the voices in my head muttered.
YEAH WELL NOT ANYMORE! The first one yelled.
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The peaceful voice yelled, then went back to listening to The Beatles.

"Well, there are three different rounds. The first is themed 'Grease' after the movie. We have picked the song 'You're The One That I Want'" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Wait, wasn't it called 'Better Shape Up?'
Ahh, who cares. I loved that song anyways.

"Who will sing it?" Keith asked.
"Jake and Elizabeth" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Jake and Elizabeth flashed each other a smile, Casey smiled to Liz.

I imagined the peaceful voice in my head throwing a shoe at the obsessive one.

"The other rounds are Judge's choice and a Surprise one. For the Surprise one, it's rumored that they will have the theme be Country songs." Mrs. Hodge smiled.

I looked at Charity, she was originally from Tennessee, [She lost her AMAZING accent though] and she LOVES Country, so, needless to say, she was ecstatic.

"I think I will have Jessica sing that one" Mrs. Hodge turned to Jessica and smiled.
Charity's smile deteriorated.

I raised my hand.
"Yes, Prudence?" Mrs. Hodge asked.

Everyone in the 'Traitors Circles' scoffed.

"Well, no offense to Jessica or anything, but I think Charity should sing the song. Because she's new and all" My voice got quiet.

"AND YOUR ONLY FRIEND" Jessica yelled. The Traitors erupted in giggles.

"THAT'S IT" Callie said, standing up.
"NO!" Chrissa said, grabbing her arms and pulling her down to her chair.


That was it.

"I AM DONE. WOW, EXCUSE ME FOR NOT WANTING TO BE ONE PERSON'S FRIEND. AND APPARENTLY, FOR A GOOD REASON TOO." I yelled, then grabbed Nathan and Charity's arms and pulled them out of the auditorium, with Callie, Molly, Chrissa, and Matt following close behind.

"BYE JERKS" Callie yelled.

"CALLIE!" Molly yelled, grabbing her cousin's arm and pulling her out into the halls with the rest of us.

We never looked back.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revolving Into New Starts

Today was my first day back from Christmas Break.

I woke up dreading going to school because Elizabeth and I got into that huge fight in the last post...... and yeah.

I started fake-coughing.
"Prudence? Are you okay?" Marisol asked, sincerely.
"I......don'" I said in between coughs.
She put the back of her hand on my forehead.
"You don't have a fever! I can't have you stay home because it's the first day back! Don't you want to see your friends?" Marisol asked, concerned.
"I don't have any." I gave up the coughing bit.

I heard footsteps run down the hall.

"Oh sure you do! What about Lizzie? You two are inseparable!" Marisol exclaimed.
"Not anymore." I groaned, grabbing a bottle of water.
"Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?" Marisol asked.
"I think Felicity is taking her away from me! When I confronted her about it, she said that CHARITY, of ALL PEOPLE, was taking ME away from HER!" I yelled.
"Why do you say 'Charity of all people?'" Marisol had gone into Twenty Questions mode.
"Because, I love Chair to death, but we could never be best friends." I sighed.
"Why not?"
"Because, she looks TOO much like Abbey!" I said, going into my closet to change for school.
I shut the door, but Marisol continued the conversation, sitting outside the door.

"Why is that a bad thing? Abbey is your best friend" Marisol said.

I stopped dead in my tracks.
I didn't tell ANYONE about the fight except El-her.

"Not anymore. Before Christmas I told her that I think, because we live so far away now, that we should both find new friends and she like blew up on me." I explained.

The pain from loosing Abbey, even if it's what I wanted, was unbearable.

"Oh Prudence, I am so sorry." Marisol sniffed.
"Thanks, Mar. Go get your stuff, I need to get ready." I sighed, pulling my Bat-Winged Shirt of the Beatles' album, 'Revolver' on.

That was Abbey's favorite album.

"It's mine too." Some one's soft voice sighed.
I jumped.
"Did I say that out loud?" I asked, frantic.
"Yeah." The soft voice said.
"Oh and it's Charity, the girl you can't be friends with." Charity sighed.
"Char, you know I didn't mean it like that! I meant......" I trailed off.
"I know what you meant. I didn't expect you, of all people, to be mean to me." She said.
"I didn't mean to be mean, I had a lot on my mind and apparently I took it out on you. Which was so wrong of me." I sighed, putting on my stone-washed grey jean leggings.
"I know you didn't mean to hurt me, it just did. Bad." Charity sighed.
"I'm really sorry, that wasn't my motive" I sighed, putting a bow into my hair.
"It's okay." I could hear the smile on Charity's face.

There was a little bit of silence.

I grabbed my Tote Bag/Backpack that was all black with an over-sized white bow.
"So what's your favorite song on 'Revolver?'" Charity asked.
"I love them all, but if I had to pick, it'd be either 'Yellow Submarine' or 'Here, There, and Everywhere.'" I smiled.
"Oh I LOVE those songs, but my favorite would have to be 'Taxman.' George.Is.SO.HOT!" Charity squealed.

I opened the door.

"I swear, you and your cousin are like twins" I laughed.
"Hey you never know, maybe we've just been fooling you all these years" Charity laughed along.
"Wait, I thought you didn't like The Beatles?" I asked.
"I decided to become a more well-rounded person, and I fell in love with their music! Taylor Swift will ALWAYS be numero uno, but The Lads are a close second" Charity smiled.

I looked at her outfit.

She was wearing a long sleeved white shirt under a short strapless green dress that stopped at her knees. She was wearing white leggings and green high heels. To top it off, she was wearing a green headband like her idol, Taylor Swift.

"Cute outfit" I smiled.
"Thanks! You too! I love that shirt" Charity smiled, pushing a strand of gorgeous curly platium blond hair out of her face.

I looked at her wrist and my jaw nearly dropped.

She was wearing a woven bracelet that said;


I remember Abbey and I making those bracelets in the Summer that we were 8 and OBSESSED with everything ending in 'Z.'

"The year I was Prudencez" I chuckled.
"What?" Charity asked.
"And you were Charityz" I said louder.

Charity was nearly always at Abbey's house in the Summer because her parents liked to take lots and lots of vacations without her, sadly.

"Oh this? Yeah I remember that" Charity smiled.
"I felt left out when you guys went to the Tree house to make them." Charity looked down.
"Hey, I have an idea" I said.
"Do you have a Sharpie Marker?" I asked.
"Yup!" Charity smiled, pulling out a black Sharpie marker from her Green tote bag.
"Thanks, now gimme your wrist" I instructed.
"Okay" Charity did as she was told.

I scribbled out the 'A' and wrote a 'C.' on her Hot Pink and Lime Green bracelet.
Charity looked down and smiled, then did the same to my Violet and Teal one.

"Best Friends? You and Me?" Charity asked.
"Forever" I confirmed.

We locked arms and I pulled my iPod out of my backpack and put the right ear bud into her right ear and the left one in my left ear.

"WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE!" We both yell-sang the whole way to school, without a care in the world


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Where We Stand

-continued from last one-

"Woahhh." I said when I came too.
I looked up into two pairs of stellar blue eyes.

"Are you okay?"
"You had us worried!"

I sat up.
"Callie? Nathan?" I asked.
Nathan wrapped his arms around me and kissed my nose.
"Yes?" He asked.
"Are they gone?" I asked.
"Yes, and don't worry. If anyone else comes after you, they'll have to go through me and your sisters." Nathan kissed my cheek.
"Thank you" I thanked, softly.
"And thank you, Callie" I turned to Callie.
"No, thank you for staying here." Callie smiled.
"Where?" I asked, confused.
"Alive." Callie said.

I could have died?

"Wow, it must've been real bad." I sighed.
They nodded.
"The two jerks are in jail now, they won't be able to come after you" Callie re-assured with a smile.
"Oh thank God!" I smiled.


"Marisol. Do we HAVE to go home?" Julia asked.
"Yeah, I mean, Mel can just fly out here for her birthday!" Felicity groaned.
"Girls, we have to go! What kind of dolls would we be if we didn't go home for our guardian's birthday?" Marisol asked.
"Dolls on vacation" Julia muttered.
"Now, Julia, this is why you're grounded." Marisol said, sternly, then paid the bellhop to take all of our stuff to the taxi outside.

I was halfway back, down the hall. Sonali needed help carrying her bags, so I was helping carry a big light pink bag, when I heard;

I turned to see Elizabeth.

Why aren't you with Felicity -.-

"Yeah?" I put on my fake smile.
"Can I ask you something?" She asked, I nodded and I gave the other bag to Charity, who helped Sonali carry it to the taxi downstairs.

"What's wrong?" She asked.
"What's wrong with me? What's wrong with you! You are the one who like ran out of the garden a couple days ago!" I sighed.
"Because Charity is taking you away from me." Elizabeth sighed, studying her shoes.


"No! Charity's not taking me away from you! Felicity is taking YOU away from ME!" I nearly yelled. She had it all wrong!

"P-P-Prudence, you're scaring me" She said with her blue eyes at the size of basketballs.
"I'm sorry! It's just.............." I trailed off.

What in the name of Glee was it?

I took a big sigh and said.
"I don't think I want to be your friend anymore." I gulped back tears.
"WHAT?" She yelled.
"I don't think that I truly am your best friend! I think it's more Felicity now." I sighed.
"Well, even though she can get a little stalker-ish, FELICITY won't break my heart!" Elizabeth yelled than ran to her room to get her stuff.

School will be crap tomorrow.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Dazed and Confused

I was walking to my hotel room.
"How fun" I muttered to myself, thinking about how Julia stood up to Becca.

Last night, my sister, Julia, sang a song to 'Forget' Becca. If you want to read it, check the sidebar for a blog called 'fly away' and look for the post entitled 'Forget You.'

As I was rummaging through my purse I heard footsteps.
I passed it off as other people going to their rooms.

"GET HER!" One high voice whisper-yelled.

I heard and turned to look at two tall figures in all black running at me.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I yelled and started running.

We ran past Nathan's room, which I kicked while running.

I was halfway down the hall when he opened the door.


One of the Pru-nappers running after me made a grab to get my arm.
I pulled off one of my high heels and threw it at him.

"OW!" He yelled then fell to the ground.

I looked pleased with myself.

I hit a criminal my mind sang.

I ran to the elevator and went down 20 flights to end up in the ballroom.

And no stalker!

I was going to do a little victory dance, but two large arms grabbed me and picked me up.
"AHHHHHHHHHHH!" I screamed at the top of my lungs.

Did no one hear me?

"HELP! I NEED SOMEBODY!" I screamed the words to a Beatles song, hoping Callie would come busting out of any of the doors.

I saw two figures coming behind the guy.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THERE'S MORE!" I yelled and the guy put his hand over my mouth.
"Shut your mouth" He muttered.
I bit his palm and he dropped me.

"TAKE THIS YOU JERK!" I heard a voice yell, and someone hit the guy with a Fire Extinguisher.

"Prudence, Prudence, Prudence! Are you alright?" A girl asked me.

"Wh-wh-what happened?" I asked, dazed and confused.

"Someone tried to kidnap you" She explained.

Yep, then it was all over.

I fainted.