Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hold Up(s)

okay everyone.
do you like posts when the blog owner writes about how much they HATE how like NO ONE is commenting on their posts?
Odds are, you don't.

Neither do I, but now I understand how they feel.

I know blogging is for fun, and all, but I take time out of my day to write a post. I know I don't make one every day,
but that's because, not every day I live is blog-able.


I mean, I understand why you don't want to comment.

No, actually I don't.

Come on, there are THIRTY of you,


But, it seems like there are only 3.

-Dear, this post is really whiny-

but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm really kind of sad, because every time Chrissa posts, it gets like 20000000 comments.

Stupid Chrissa -.-

Well, I hope you don't completely HATE me after this next line, but it's not because of the neglect I've been getting, but actually something really serious.

I'm not going to post on here until February 20th.

The reason?

Well, I guess you'll just have to figure that out for yourselves. ;)

**A very jealous&mean Prudence..**

OOOH! But you guys can still check out what's going on with all of the blogs that my sister's have.

Julia's, Rita's, and Chrissa's blogs are all over there!

so be SURE to check it out and stay in touch!

-okay now i'm done-


  1. NO Prudence! You can't! I have 2 followers and no one ever comments on my posts! I love your blog so much!

  2. OMG!!!!!!! NOOOOOO!!!!!!! I have to wait until Febuary 20th to read your post again! :( but I guess I understand. Like nobody comments on my Blog either! It annoys me! But whatevs!

    I'm happy I'm one of the Commenters on your blog(:


  3. I tagged you Pru, that should give you more publicity.

  4. Are you posting comments on other peoples blogs .. I have found that when I am commenting on other blogs more people comment on my blog .. you cannot expect us to comment here if you are not commenting on ours .. just a thought .. I have almost 50 followers and usually have very few comments too ..

    Ta Ta,

  5. -reply to your comment-
    thanks Prudence! That means a bunch! I will wait for your Feb. 20th return!

  6. Hey Pru, I know it's lame that you don't get much comments, but, i have a few ideas on how you might get more ;)

    Create a signature on your e-mail with your blog address!

    And, that should leave people to see the link, click on it, and discover your talent for writing! :D

  7. OK cool would anyone follow my blog click on my name and go 2 the AG one..... Thanx i follow and comment on urs