Thursday, January 6, 2011


I ran and pushed the huge black doors open.

Chorus had always been my escape, but today, it was a lifeline.

Today at AGPPA had been a living nightmare.

I had Lizzie, Casey, Jake, Ryan, Julie, Julia, [JULIA, MY OWN SISTER!] Becca, [that didn't shock me] Rebecca, Rebecca's boyfriend Jeff, Rebecca's friend Ally, Julie and Julia's friend James, and last but not least Felicity giving me the death stare.


Every one's head's snapped to me. I was breathing heavily.

"If it isn't the most aggravating girl at AGPPA" Jake muttered.
Nathan shot him a death glare, then me a confused look.

I sat down in the middle of Nathan and Charity in the corner of the room.
As soon as my bottom touched the ground, Nathan attacked me with questions.

"What's wrong?"
"Why has everyone been giving me the death glare?"
"Why do you have tear streaks down you-" He shut up once he realized it.

"Did that JERK Rachel do this to you?" He asked.
I shook my head, Rachel had actually laid off the name-calling lately.
"Then who?" He asked.
I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out.

I desperately looked to Charity to help me out.
"Her and Elizabeth got into a fight." Charity stated.
"Oh, Peach. I'm so sorry" He threw his arms around me and embraced me in a hug.

The big doors slammed open again, and I saw Callie, Tyler, Matt, Molly, Keith, and Chrissa walking in.

Surely, they'd be on my side. Right?


"Fail-ow" Tyler muttered.
Keith snickered and they went over to the rest of the traitors.

"HEY!" Callie yelled.

Everything went quiet.

"Okay two things.
One; GET OVER IT, LIZ. I love you to death, but getting everyone in the whole dang school involved? Aren't you better than that?

Two; EVERYONE STOP FIGHTING SOMEONE ELSE'S BATTLE! What are we all, SEVEN? God" Callie sat down on the chairs and Molly, Chrissa, and Matt sat next to her.

I shot her a thankful smile, she waved back.

The doors slammed for a last time.

"HELLO EVERYONE! I suppose you all had a LOVELY break!" She hummed.

Scattered mutters waved across the room.

"Well, we have to start practicing for Competition on January 20th!" Mrs. Hodge sang.

Everyone perked up.


"Where are we competing?" Molly asked.
"We are going to go to...........
CHICAGO!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Chrissa and Molly squealed. Keith and Ryan gave each other a high five. Casey and Elizabeth hugged.

That should be me. One of the voices in my head muttered.
YEAH WELL NOT ANYMORE! The first one yelled.
STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The peaceful voice yelled, then went back to listening to The Beatles.

"Well, there are three different rounds. The first is themed 'Grease' after the movie. We have picked the song 'You're The One That I Want'" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Wait, wasn't it called 'Better Shape Up?'
Ahh, who cares. I loved that song anyways.

"Who will sing it?" Keith asked.
"Jake and Elizabeth" Mrs. Hodge smiled.

Jake and Elizabeth flashed each other a smile, Casey smiled to Liz.

I imagined the peaceful voice in my head throwing a shoe at the obsessive one.

"The other rounds are Judge's choice and a Surprise one. For the Surprise one, it's rumored that they will have the theme be Country songs." Mrs. Hodge smiled.

I looked at Charity, she was originally from Tennessee, [She lost her AMAZING accent though] and she LOVES Country, so, needless to say, she was ecstatic.

"I think I will have Jessica sing that one" Mrs. Hodge turned to Jessica and smiled.
Charity's smile deteriorated.

I raised my hand.
"Yes, Prudence?" Mrs. Hodge asked.

Everyone in the 'Traitors Circles' scoffed.

"Well, no offense to Jessica or anything, but I think Charity should sing the song. Because she's new and all" My voice got quiet.

"AND YOUR ONLY FRIEND" Jessica yelled. The Traitors erupted in giggles.

"THAT'S IT" Callie said, standing up.
"NO!" Chrissa said, grabbing her arms and pulling her down to her chair.


That was it.

"I AM DONE. WOW, EXCUSE ME FOR NOT WANTING TO BE ONE PERSON'S FRIEND. AND APPARENTLY, FOR A GOOD REASON TOO." I yelled, then grabbed Nathan and Charity's arms and pulled them out of the auditorium, with Callie, Molly, Chrissa, and Matt following close behind.

"BYE JERKS" Callie yelled.

"CALLIE!" Molly yelled, grabbing her cousin's arm and pulling her out into the halls with the rest of us.

We never looked back.


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  1. Hmm...Your in a Tough Situation there! I dont exactly Blame you for being mad! And that was nice for Callie to stick up for you like that!
    Oh and I dont think I introdused myself yet!
    I'm Mikayla Michelle Martin!
    I'm twins with your one friends Sonny and Kenna's friend Annabelle! I will be posting on your blog lots! So be ready! hehe jk(: