Saturday, January 29, 2011

Get Well Soon Letters...?

Hi everyone, Sonali here.

Assuming most of you have read Chrissa's post about this whole ordeal. You will know that Prudence is in a coma.

If you don't, well there you have it. A Coma.

She got hit by a car and had massive head trauma, which caused her to fall into a coma. Well, Charity and I got this idea.

Since she has all of you guys, we figured, maybe that you guys would want to drop her get well soon comments.....?

Like, so when she gets better, she can smile and realize that you guys didn't forget about her.

I know Prudence, and I know that it would make her feel a heck of a lot better if you guys did that. :)

Thanks in advance,
Sonali <3


    I cant wait until I see you smiling and being your normal self again!

    ~Julie, Rebecca, and Lizzie(:

  2. I CANNOT wait untill you get better, I miss readin your posts, and beleive me, i know how it feels to be in the ER, last october, i got hit in the head with a genuine horseshoe, It cut all the way to the skull, and I had 4 stitches on the inside, and 6 on the outside... I got home at midnight...
    So, I truely know how it is to be in the ER, so I am so praying for you, my friends were devistated too, you've got awesome friends AND sisters! :D

  3. Get well soon .. we cannot wait until you are posting again .. be sure and come share our blog and we will all be friends forever ..


  4. Get well soon... though U R well now!