Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Revolving Into New Starts

Today was my first day back from Christmas Break.

I woke up dreading going to school because Elizabeth and I got into that huge fight in the last post...... and yeah.

I started fake-coughing.
"Prudence? Are you okay?" Marisol asked, sincerely.
"I......don'" I said in between coughs.
She put the back of her hand on my forehead.
"You don't have a fever! I can't have you stay home because it's the first day back! Don't you want to see your friends?" Marisol asked, concerned.
"I don't have any." I gave up the coughing bit.

I heard footsteps run down the hall.

"Oh sure you do! What about Lizzie? You two are inseparable!" Marisol exclaimed.
"Not anymore." I groaned, grabbing a bottle of water.
"Oh, I'm sorry. What happened?" Marisol asked.
"I think Felicity is taking her away from me! When I confronted her about it, she said that CHARITY, of ALL PEOPLE, was taking ME away from HER!" I yelled.
"Why do you say 'Charity of all people?'" Marisol had gone into Twenty Questions mode.
"Because, I love Chair to death, but we could never be best friends." I sighed.
"Why not?"
"Because, she looks TOO much like Abbey!" I said, going into my closet to change for school.
I shut the door, but Marisol continued the conversation, sitting outside the door.

"Why is that a bad thing? Abbey is your best friend" Marisol said.

I stopped dead in my tracks.
I didn't tell ANYONE about the fight except El-her.

"Not anymore. Before Christmas I told her that I think, because we live so far away now, that we should both find new friends and she like blew up on me." I explained.

The pain from loosing Abbey, even if it's what I wanted, was unbearable.

"Oh Prudence, I am so sorry." Marisol sniffed.
"Thanks, Mar. Go get your stuff, I need to get ready." I sighed, pulling my Bat-Winged Shirt of the Beatles' album, 'Revolver' on.

That was Abbey's favorite album.

"It's mine too." Some one's soft voice sighed.
I jumped.
"Did I say that out loud?" I asked, frantic.
"Yeah." The soft voice said.
"Oh and it's Charity, the girl you can't be friends with." Charity sighed.
"Char, you know I didn't mean it like that! I meant......" I trailed off.
"I know what you meant. I didn't expect you, of all people, to be mean to me." She said.
"I didn't mean to be mean, I had a lot on my mind and apparently I took it out on you. Which was so wrong of me." I sighed, putting on my stone-washed grey jean leggings.
"I know you didn't mean to hurt me, it just did. Bad." Charity sighed.
"I'm really sorry, that wasn't my motive" I sighed, putting a bow into my hair.
"It's okay." I could hear the smile on Charity's face.

There was a little bit of silence.

I grabbed my Tote Bag/Backpack that was all black with an over-sized white bow.
"So what's your favorite song on 'Revolver?'" Charity asked.
"I love them all, but if I had to pick, it'd be either 'Yellow Submarine' or 'Here, There, and Everywhere.'" I smiled.
"Oh I LOVE those songs, but my favorite would have to be 'Taxman.' George.Is.SO.HOT!" Charity squealed.

I opened the door.

"I swear, you and your cousin are like twins" I laughed.
"Hey you never know, maybe we've just been fooling you all these years" Charity laughed along.
"Wait, I thought you didn't like The Beatles?" I asked.
"I decided to become a more well-rounded person, and I fell in love with their music! Taylor Swift will ALWAYS be numero uno, but The Lads are a close second" Charity smiled.

I looked at her outfit.

She was wearing a long sleeved white shirt under a short strapless green dress that stopped at her knees. She was wearing white leggings and green high heels. To top it off, she was wearing a green headband like her idol, Taylor Swift.

"Cute outfit" I smiled.
"Thanks! You too! I love that shirt" Charity smiled, pushing a strand of gorgeous curly platium blond hair out of her face.

I looked at her wrist and my jaw nearly dropped.

She was wearing a woven bracelet that said;


I remember Abbey and I making those bracelets in the Summer that we were 8 and OBSESSED with everything ending in 'Z.'

"The year I was Prudencez" I chuckled.
"What?" Charity asked.
"And you were Charityz" I said louder.

Charity was nearly always at Abbey's house in the Summer because her parents liked to take lots and lots of vacations without her, sadly.

"Oh this? Yeah I remember that" Charity smiled.
"I felt left out when you guys went to the Tree house to make them." Charity looked down.
"Hey, I have an idea" I said.
"Do you have a Sharpie Marker?" I asked.
"Yup!" Charity smiled, pulling out a black Sharpie marker from her Green tote bag.
"Thanks, now gimme your wrist" I instructed.
"Okay" Charity did as she was told.

I scribbled out the 'A' and wrote a 'C.' on her Hot Pink and Lime Green bracelet.
Charity looked down and smiled, then did the same to my Violet and Teal one.

"Best Friends? You and Me?" Charity asked.
"Forever" I confirmed.

We locked arms and I pulled my iPod out of my backpack and put the right ear bud into her right ear and the left one in my left ear.

"WE ALL LIVE IN A YELLOW SUBMARINE!" We both yell-sang the whole way to school, without a care in the world



  1. I'm happy that you and Charity are Good friends now! :)