Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I guess this is goodbye...

This is it, Abigail Lynne Holland's LAST POST.
Well, at least it isn't a total loss! You still get to blog with Prudence :)

I would like to say goodbye to you all,


*I'll blog occasionally ;D*



Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sorrow and Titles

Sorry for the lack of posts, I [Pru] have been very busy getting settled, and Abbey has been helping me get unpacked.

I don't think we will be ever blog again.

Maybe, maybe not,

Abbey told me to tell you all that this might become JUST my blog, she has lost a love for blogging,

I need help picking out names for my new blog.

Comment the number 1, for 'Positively Prudence'
Comment the number 2, for 'Greet the brand new day' [It's a line from Dear Prudence]
Comment the number 3, and then put a name that you have made up.

PLEASE HELP! *and comment*

Thank you all!