Friday, July 16, 2010

Shout Out Central

Hey everyone! Abbey here and I am in a FABULOUS mood! Why? IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I AM RE-UNITED WITH PRUDENCE! I can't wait :)

-shout out time- Okay this posts' shout outs go to Ali (from Alaska, NOT the state, click here to go there!) Congrats on getting adopted! I hope you have a great life with your new family!!

and Molly (she doesn't have a blog) my sister, she GOT RE-SIGNED!!! With a better record company! If you haven't read the whole story, click Here!
That's about it!

Less than a week until I am finally completely happy.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greetings and Past Meetings

Earlier today, Sonny, Kenna and I went out to walk around in the mall, we went to Starbucks and got some coffee [Dolls+Coffee=RUN FOR YOU LIVES!]

Then I wondered if I had ever told them about me leaving.

Me; You guys know, I get adopted on July 28, right?
-Kenna and Sonny both stop right in their tracks-
Sonny; -imitating Gary Coleman- What you talking about Prudence?
Me; I get to go home.
Kenna; You'll come back, right?
Me; *feeling tears start to form* no.
Sonny; What? No! You can't go your like, my sister!
Kenna; Mine as well!! Don't leave me with Sonny! -whispers- I'll lose my mind and end up in jail.
Sonny; -singsongy- I heard that
Kenna; -Mocking her- You were supposed to.
Me; *actual tears falling* I never thought leaving would be this hard, I mean, You two have become the closest thing I've had to best friends that since I was with Abbey.
Sonny; Who is this Abbey chick you keep talking about?
Me; -sighs- Do you want me to tell you the whole story?
Sonny; *sarcastic* no, I want you to tell me why the chicken crossed the road *normal* Of course I want to hear the whole story!
Me; Okay. Well I remember it was back in the 2nd grade, I had just moved into Massachusetts, and it was the first day of school, I was terrified. I remember running and asking my mom if I could go to work with her and she replied "No, Dear, you can't, if you don't try, how can you ever make friends?" My eight-year-old mindset hated when she was right "Fine" I said, glumly. "I love you Prudence!" she said and hugged and kissed my cheek "Have a great day at school" she said and walked away. "I love you mommy" I called out to her, "I love you more" she said, and with that she was gone and left me to fend for myself in the crazy jungle that is elementary school.
Kenna; Wow,
Sonny; Let her finish Ken!
Kenna; Okay, continue please.
Me; Okay, well I walked into the classroom and everyone immediately turned to me, including a green-eyed blond with the most curls I had ever seen in my life.
Sonny; Abbey?
Me; Yup, no one let me sit by them,
except her,
she said "You can sit by me, if you want" with a smile. I gladly took the seat "Thank you, I'm Prudence." I said. "Hi Prudence, My name is Abigail, but you can call me Abbey, with an 'e' before the 'y'" she said. "Hi Abbey!" I said back. "Where are you from Pru?" she asked, no one had ever called me 'Pru' before, it was always, Prudence or Prudy. "I am from Florida, my daddy got his job moved here." I said, part of me wishing I was back with all my friends in sunny Florida. "Oh, well welcome to Massachusetts!" she said with a smile, I noticed she had all of her permanent teeth in, which might not seem like much, but when your 8, it's the height of cool, well that and having the 64 pack of crayons.
Sonny; Cool!
Me; Thanks, well we've been best friends since then, we've gone through friends, crushes, and we've even discovered the Beatles! [Whoa, I realized nearly ALL my posts have something to do with them. Cool!]
Kenna; Awesome! So I bet you can't wait to see her again, huh?
Me; Oh I can't! Can you two keep a secret?
-both of them- Yes!!!
Me; I have a blog and we share it, She has 8 sisters! I will be the tenth girl in her family!!!!! I can't wait!!
Kenna; wow, TEN sisters, do you think maybe one day, it could be 12? -smiles-
Sonny; I see where your going with this Kenna, but yeah I mean it sounds like we would get along with them!
Me; Hm.. maybe, I'll ask Abbey about that tonight when I blog.
-Clock dings, ELEVEN times-
Sonny; Oh No!! It's eleven, the doors are going to close, we better get going.
Me; Okay yeah. Let's go.
Kenna; but seriously, don't forget to ask her.
Me; I won't.

With that, we dashed for the AG place.

So instead of asking JUST Abbey, I'll ask my super awesome followers and Abbey...

By what you've read about Sonny and Kenna, do you think they'd enjoy my [future] families' company?
If you need to hear more about Abbey's family than just her posts, click on "A Blog in The Life Of Marisol" and "Completely Chrissa"

^Sorry didn't realize I just advertised, but read the posts so you can get a good background check on the 'Randomly Retro' Girls, as they are called, before commenting.



Abbey's News and Views (With a Favor too!)

Wow, that was not meant to rhyme. But I guess it just did...

Hello everyone! It's Abbey :)

I have some updates and a favor to ask.

1) Eeep! I know what day I go to the AG place!! It's July 27th!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!
2) My sister, Molly, has been quite down in the dumps lately. Read my sister, Chrissa's Blog (Link in the side --> Click on 'Completely Chrissa')

Which brings me to my favor,

[Because we (Pru and I) have the BEST followers in the history of Blogger :) ]

Could you all PLEASE read/look at/Follow/comment on my sisters, Mari and Chrissa's blogs. Mari hasn't had a new post in a while (mostly because she can't reach the computer with her broken ankle) but Chrissa always posts, and they are good posts, heck they are GREAT posts [better than mine, I should add] so could you PLEASE read and comment on her posts, I know it would mean the world to her.

Thank you!!

I'll make a real post soon!


Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Alright

*Curtains fall*

Prudence Farrow
McKenna Walters
Alison Scarlet

Here we go!!!

[Before we start I'd like to point out that Scarlet is Sonny's MIDDLE name and not her last name, she wishes at this time to keep her last name a secret and off the Internet]

We made it into the party, dressed as Elizabeth (Kenna) Julie (Myself) and Rebbecca (Sonny). Sonny/Becki went up to get some punch. Then Ivy came up to Kenna and I and asked if that was THE Rebbecca, we looked at who she was pointing at and it was SONNY. Ivy said that Rebbecca was the BEST singer in the whole American Girl Place! Too bad Sonny couldn't sing.

-With Sonny/Beckie and Ivy-
Ivy; REBBECCA! YOU ARE AMAZING, I MUST have your autograph!
Sonny; Okay sure -signs autographs-
-The Kaya throwing the party walks up-
Kaya; Miss. Rubin?
Sonny; -in a trance then realizes that Kaya is talking to her- Oh! Uh, Yes?
Kaya; Could you please just sing one little song for everyone?
Sonny; -flashes back-

Her and Kenna are in the fifth grade, Sonny is wearing a baby blue dress and singing and Kenna is wearing a white and pink baby doll tee and jeans. They start singing 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and Sonny is quite aware of how she sounds, she has laryngitis, but didn't want to tell Kenna because Kenna was really excited for the talent show, by the end of the song, Animal Control was there, and Sonny and Kenna would laugh about it for years to come.

~End Of Flashback~
Kaya; So will you? Please?
Sonny; *thinking* well, I don't suspect that I have laryngitis, so. *end of thought* Sure!

-Kenna and Me-
Me; What is she talking to Kaya for?
Kenna; She didn't
-Sonny runs over-
Me; -whispers- she did.
Kenna and Me; What?
Sonny; I'm Going to sing again!!!
Kenna; -fake enthusiasm, remember, she thinks Sonny can't sing- Yay.
Me; That's Great So- I mean Beckie -fake laughs, causing dolls around to stare-
Sonny; What should I sing?
Me; What's your favorite song?
Kenna and Sonny; -in unison- "Here Comes The Sun"
Me; OH! Is that why we call you Sonny?
Sonny; Yups, Kenna can you play guitar for me?
Kenna; Sure! Pru can you have someone go get me a guitar.
Me; On it! -Runs to go get the guitar-
Kenna; Oh wait Pru!!
Me; -turns around- yeah?
Kenna; Can you Play?
Me; Guitar, yeah.
Kenna; Then get one for yourself too -smiles-
Me; Thank you! -smiles back and then runs to the guitars-
Sonny; Kennie, can I tell you something.
Kenna; Sure, what's buggin' ya?
Sonny; Remember back in 5th Grade when we were in the talent show, well I don't stink at singing, it's just, I got laryngitis then, and I was going to tell you but I didn't want to let you down.
Kenna; Aw Son! -hugs her- Well now we get a chance to make it up and finally play a groovy performance, right?
Sonny; Right as always.
Me; -Runs back with two guitars- Back!
Kenna and Sonny; Whoa that was fast.
Me; Thanks -smiles- Are you ready to ROCK!

-On Stage-
Ivy; Ladies and Gentle-Dolls, American Girls, greet the one, the ONLY -sees Sonny and realizes it's her- Alison Scarlett and the Stars.
Crowd; -gasp!-
Sonny; -shout whispering- WHAT DID SHE JUST ANNOUNCE US AS?!
Me; I don't know, but let's get out there and show those dolls what were made of.
-we all walk out-
-slight applause-
Sonny; *in her Sonny-ish charm* I would like to thank the whole 7 people for clapping, give 'em a hand!
Crowd: -laughs and claps louder than before-
Me; Hey Son, now were up to 14. Anyways, this is a song that we didn't write, but we were inspired by.
Kenna; 1,2,3,4.
We played the opening guitar riff and Sonny opened that musical mouth of hers.
Sonny; Here comes the sun, do do do do, Here Comes The Sun, and I say, It's alright.\
we played, and I am pretty sure I saw some dolls crying, others singing along, and one doll, was even acting like she was playing along.
We finally got to the end of the song,
Sonny; It's alright.
Me; -my last part-
Kenna; -her last part-


We all got up and bowed.

[if you haven't ever heard of the song, Here comes the sun, get yer booty on YouTube and listen ;)]

After then, we happily left the party, and we went back into our boxes, it was a great night.

All I can say is;

It's Alright.


^^Did you Like the story? I hope so, tell me your final thoughts on this ending half of it, then your thoughts on the whole thing!
I'll be waiting to read ALL your comments :)

We Interrupt Pru's Story For a Special Announcement...


Okay all better,

I know what your thinking "But I want to hear how Prudence's plan (well actually Sonny's plan) went!!"

Well so do I!!! So I will stop typing and give Pru all the time she needs to blog (if she can!)

Money Can't Buy Me Love (But it can buy my friend back! xD)

*Thanks to Pru for being the ONLY one who commented on my last post, do you think this should just be HER blog instead of mine and hers, SHARED? I'm starting to think that way*

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea Lions.

Hey everyone, Pru here and here is the MUCH ANTICIPATED (kinda) second part of how my night went.

We met Ivy, and heard about a party at the Kaya area that was strictly Historical Dolls only, but then Sonny got one of her 'bright ideas'.

Kenna; Sonny, you sure this will work?
Sonny; Sh... I am not Sonny, I am Rebbecca.
Me; How did you find this Julie wig for me Sonny?
Sonny; nothing -under her breath- if you find a bald Julie, I had no part in it.
Me; Who's Kenna supposed to be,
Kenna; Elizabeth.
Me; You make a pretty Elizabeth.
Kenna; Thanks! You make a pretty far-out Julie!
Sonny; okay now can we stop soaking up each others 'awesomeness' and please get a move on? The party starts in 5 minutes.
Me; Fine.
Kenna; Yeah, sure.
-We all walk up to the entrance.-
Sonny; Hey look Elizabeth (Kenna) there is our good friend Ivy -smiles at the bodyguard in front- oh and Julie! Kaya's already in there, you don't have to worry!
-We walk past the guy-
Kenna; okay, you don't realize how close that was do you, Alison.
Sonny; whoa girl, don't you Alison me, McKenna Elizabeth!
Kenna; sure thing, Alison Scarlet.
Sonny; That's my name, don't wear it out! Now let's go. - Walks away-
Kenna; What are we going to do with her, Pru?
Sonny; I HEARD THAT! Anyways, I'm going to go get some punch, be back in a jiff!
Me; -laughs- Oh hey look there's Ivy!
Ivy; Hey Julie (Me)! Hello Elizabeth (Kenna)!! What's up girls? I am so glad you could come! Is that really THE Rebbecca? -points to Sonny/Rebbecca-
Kenna; Yup the one and only.
Ivy; I have GOT TO GET HER AUTOGRAPH! She is like, my idol, and the best singer in the WORLD.
Me; Oh boy.
Ivy; How do I look? Do I look Groovy enough?
Kenna and Me; Totally.
Ivy; Thanks! -walks to Sonny.-

Me; Please tell me Sonny can sing.
Kenna; Well, once in the 5th grade, Sonny and I entered in the talent show and we were going to sing "I Want To Hold You Hand" by The Beatles, and she sang and I played guitar, and by the end of the song, ANIMAL CONTROL was there.
Me; Why animal control?
Kenna; They thought a starving sea lion was there.
Me; She's doomed.

Muahahahahaha! -evil music plays dramatically- I will finish the story later,


Party Crashers

Yes everyone, it's I, Prudence! Back with more details about the American Girl Place in Denver!

First things first though, Abbey! Cindie is very pretty!! I am glad Callie finally has her best friend now, too bad you don't have yours. -hint hint-

& now....

Yesterday at the normal time when the dolls come 'alive' Kenna, Sonny and I went over to the historical dolls area, and the SAME thing happens! All the dolls live there too!! We happened to find ourselves in the Julie and Ivy area when we were startled by,
?: Hello?
We all jumped.
Sonny; Hello? Anyone there, well I know someones there, but who is it?
Me; Yeah, what she said!
?: Oh, okay good! At least it isn't the workers.
Kenna; Who is talking?
?: Sorry, hi my name is Ivy Ling, I think all of your outfits are simply groovy!
-we had been trying on Julie and Ivy's clothes, I was in Julie's calico dress, Sonny was in her floral jumpsuit and Kenna was in Julie's Pajamas.-
Me; Oh thanks! My name is Prudence Farrow, and that is Kenna and that is Sonny.
Sonny; Hi -smile-
Ivy; Hi Prudence, Sonny and Kenna! I see you all like Julie and My clothes, don't you?
Kenna, Sonny and Me; *in unison* it's the closest thing to the '60's.
Me; wow.
Ivy; Oh, I see, hm. let me guess -started walking around the three of us- you two -points to Sonny and Kenna- late '60s, hm, 1969!
Sonny; Bingo.
Kenna; how did ya know?
Ivy; Instinct, and as for you -turned to me- you are probably from this time, but wish to be from, -snaps fingers- 1968!!
Me; whoa.
Ivy; I know! Well I better get going, Julie and I are going over to a party at the Kaya area. I'd invite you, but it's historical only. Sorry, but it was nice meeting you all! Bye! -walks away-

Me; Aw, I wanted to go to a party!
Sonny; Who said we weren't going?
Kenna; she did! We aren't Historical, Son.
Sonny; who doesn't like pretending? -smirks-
Me & Kenna; what?
Sonny; Oh come on! Let's go!!! -pulls us away-

I got to get going, it's getting pretty late and the line for the computer is getting pretty long,

so I will leave you with that as a cliffy :D


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Getting Better!

Hey Pru, Sonny and Kenna sound cool, but I have someone COOLER [well in my opinion]
at my house now.

The ONE. The ONLY...


Yups, we got a new sister! So that means when Prudence comes, we will have 10 :o.
I overheard Mel talking to her mom and she said that she might stop collecting after 12. THAT'S ONLY 3 DOLLS AWAY! I mean part of me likes having a small family, but then I see all these HUGE families and I think to myself "I want to have a family like THAT." Then again, Mel IS the collector, so she makes the decisions - not me. Cindie and Callie have been inseparable since Mel opened Cindie. It's making me CRAZY, because I realize in a few weeks, Mel and I will be in Denver and I will find Prudence, we will hug (I will probably cry) and then Mel will pick Prudence up, pay for her, and then - ABBEY LYNNE HOLLAND HAS HER BEST FRIEND.
I can't wait.

The reason I didn't type "Mel, Julie and I" is because Julie realized that poor Molly would be all by herself for 3 weeks, so she told me that she isn't going. I think that was really sweet of Julie to do, so it's just me.

Missing You Pru,

But I have to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dazzling Denver.

I never knew I'd be posting more than Abbey...

WAIT, what if this is a test? Ahh, it doesn't matter.
Because I have to tell you all something very important.

I have now realized that Denver is quite possibly the most dazzling city in the world.

It all started yesterday, at about 11 P.M.
The store had closed down and all of us dolls were out and about, talking to friends, trying on new clothes, and (like me) going on the computer.
I was about to run over to get to a computer, when I ran by the other part of the JLY section and I heard "Dear Prudence" playing. Completely awestruck, I had to go and investigate.
I walked up to a box that was on it's back and the lid was partially off, inside was a beautiful girl with medium skin, blue eyes, and black hair (Apparently to people she is known as JLY # 49) and also another girl, with caramel hair and blue eyes (people call her 'JLY #39') and they were just sitting there and had gotten hold of a radio and were listening to my favorite song. I jumped inside.
#49 Looked at me funny, "Hello? Anyone ever knock anymore" she growled.
"um.. Hi!" I squeaked.
"Hi! Sonny don't be that mean! I am Kenna, and she is Alison, but we call her Sonny." The much nicer #39 said with a sweet smile.
"Hi Kenna! Hi Sonny. I'm Prudence, it's nice to meet both of you!" I replied to both of them
"I'll say! You see, Prudence, Sonny and I aren't from your time." Kenna told me.
"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.
"We are from the year 1969, Pru." Sonny said. These two were way up Melanie's alley. I think they'd be very much loved in my new family.
"That's awesome! What part of the country are you from?" I asked them.
"New York." Sonny said.
"Cool! I have always wanted to go to New York City!" I gushed, it's true, NYC is a place that Abbey and I will one day travel to.
"Oh no, we aren't from the city, we are from upstate New York." Kenna corrected.
"Oh! Well that's cool too!" I said.
"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Sonny said.
It was! Oh Abbey, you would just LOVE them! I can't wait until you come pick me up from the AG place and you will meet them!!

I better run, the next girl in line has been waiting for a while.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Meet Me, Prudence - the other half of Abbey.

Hi everyone, I will have to type fast because I have so much to write, but so little time on the computer.
so here is a little about me;

Name: Prudence
Birthday : December 6th.
Favorite Song : Dear Prudence (The song I am named after) by The Beatles <3
Best friend(s): Abbey, and this girl named Emily, but she isn't my BEST friend.

That's all I can write right now, the workers are coming back.

Blog again soon!