Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party Crashers

Yes everyone, it's I, Prudence! Back with more details about the American Girl Place in Denver!

First things first though, Abbey! Cindie is very pretty!! I am glad Callie finally has her best friend now, too bad you don't have yours. -hint hint-

& now....

Yesterday at the normal time when the dolls come 'alive' Kenna, Sonny and I went over to the historical dolls area, and the SAME thing happens! All the dolls live there too!! We happened to find ourselves in the Julie and Ivy area when we were startled by,
?: Hello?
We all jumped.
Sonny; Hello? Anyone there, well I know someones there, but who is it?
Me; Yeah, what she said!
?: Oh, okay good! At least it isn't the workers.
Kenna; Who is talking?
?: Sorry, hi my name is Ivy Ling, I think all of your outfits are simply groovy!
-we had been trying on Julie and Ivy's clothes, I was in Julie's calico dress, Sonny was in her floral jumpsuit and Kenna was in Julie's Pajamas.-
Me; Oh thanks! My name is Prudence Farrow, and that is Kenna and that is Sonny.
Sonny; Hi -smile-
Ivy; Hi Prudence, Sonny and Kenna! I see you all like Julie and My clothes, don't you?
Kenna, Sonny and Me; *in unison* it's the closest thing to the '60's.
Me; wow.
Ivy; Oh, I see, hm. let me guess -started walking around the three of us- you two -points to Sonny and Kenna- late '60s, hm, 1969!
Sonny; Bingo.
Kenna; how did ya know?
Ivy; Instinct, and as for you -turned to me- you are probably from this time, but wish to be from, -snaps fingers- 1968!!
Me; whoa.
Ivy; I know! Well I better get going, Julie and I are going over to a party at the Kaya area. I'd invite you, but it's historical only. Sorry, but it was nice meeting you all! Bye! -walks away-

Me; Aw, I wanted to go to a party!
Sonny; Who said we weren't going?
Kenna; she did! We aren't Historical, Son.
Sonny; who doesn't like pretending? -smirks-
Me & Kenna; what?
Sonny; Oh come on! Let's go!!! -pulls us away-

I got to get going, it's getting pretty late and the line for the computer is getting pretty long,

so I will leave you with that as a cliffy :D



  1. Hi Prudence! It's Alaska! I was wondering, where is the computer you use? Mines in the backroom, and I never have to wait for it. Oh well, whateves.

    Please finish the story! eeeeep! So exciting! :D

    Au revoir,
    Ali Brigitte

  2. Hi Prudence! Check out my blog! Your blog is really cute!