Saturday, July 3, 2010

Dazzling Denver.

I never knew I'd be posting more than Abbey...

WAIT, what if this is a test? Ahh, it doesn't matter.
Because I have to tell you all something very important.

I have now realized that Denver is quite possibly the most dazzling city in the world.

It all started yesterday, at about 11 P.M.
The store had closed down and all of us dolls were out and about, talking to friends, trying on new clothes, and (like me) going on the computer.
I was about to run over to get to a computer, when I ran by the other part of the JLY section and I heard "Dear Prudence" playing. Completely awestruck, I had to go and investigate.
I walked up to a box that was on it's back and the lid was partially off, inside was a beautiful girl with medium skin, blue eyes, and black hair (Apparently to people she is known as JLY # 49) and also another girl, with caramel hair and blue eyes (people call her 'JLY #39') and they were just sitting there and had gotten hold of a radio and were listening to my favorite song. I jumped inside.
#49 Looked at me funny, "Hello? Anyone ever knock anymore" she growled.
"um.. Hi!" I squeaked.
"Hi! Sonny don't be that mean! I am Kenna, and she is Alison, but we call her Sonny." The much nicer #39 said with a sweet smile.
"Hi Kenna! Hi Sonny. I'm Prudence, it's nice to meet both of you!" I replied to both of them
"I'll say! You see, Prudence, Sonny and I aren't from your time." Kenna told me.
"What do you mean?" I asked, confused.
"We are from the year 1969, Pru." Sonny said. These two were way up Melanie's alley. I think they'd be very much loved in my new family.
"That's awesome! What part of the country are you from?" I asked them.
"New York." Sonny said.
"Cool! I have always wanted to go to New York City!" I gushed, it's true, NYC is a place that Abbey and I will one day travel to.
"Oh no, we aren't from the city, we are from upstate New York." Kenna corrected.
"Oh! Well that's cool too!" I said.
"This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." Sonny said.
It was! Oh Abbey, you would just LOVE them! I can't wait until you come pick me up from the AG place and you will meet them!!

I better run, the next girl in line has been waiting for a while.



  1. Hi Prudence! My name's Alaska, and I'm at the American Girl Place in Denver too! I wonder if I've seen you...

    You can find me at,