Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sea Lions.

Hey everyone, Pru here and here is the MUCH ANTICIPATED (kinda) second part of how my night went.

We met Ivy, and heard about a party at the Kaya area that was strictly Historical Dolls only, but then Sonny got one of her 'bright ideas'.

Kenna; Sonny, you sure this will work?
Sonny; Sh... I am not Sonny, I am Rebbecca.
Me; How did you find this Julie wig for me Sonny?
Sonny; nothing -under her breath- if you find a bald Julie, I had no part in it.
Me; Who's Kenna supposed to be,
Kenna; Elizabeth.
Me; You make a pretty Elizabeth.
Kenna; Thanks! You make a pretty far-out Julie!
Sonny; okay now can we stop soaking up each others 'awesomeness' and please get a move on? The party starts in 5 minutes.
Me; Fine.
Kenna; Yeah, sure.
-We all walk up to the entrance.-
Sonny; Hey look Elizabeth (Kenna) there is our good friend Ivy -smiles at the bodyguard in front- oh and Julie! Kaya's already in there, you don't have to worry!
-We walk past the guy-
Kenna; okay, you don't realize how close that was do you, Alison.
Sonny; whoa girl, don't you Alison me, McKenna Elizabeth!
Kenna; sure thing, Alison Scarlet.
Sonny; That's my name, don't wear it out! Now let's go. - Walks away-
Kenna; What are we going to do with her, Pru?
Sonny; I HEARD THAT! Anyways, I'm going to go get some punch, be back in a jiff!
Me; -laughs- Oh hey look there's Ivy!
Ivy; Hey Julie (Me)! Hello Elizabeth (Kenna)!! What's up girls? I am so glad you could come! Is that really THE Rebbecca? -points to Sonny/Rebbecca-
Kenna; Yup the one and only.
Ivy; I have GOT TO GET HER AUTOGRAPH! She is like, my idol, and the best singer in the WORLD.
Me; Oh boy.
Ivy; How do I look? Do I look Groovy enough?
Kenna and Me; Totally.
Ivy; Thanks! -walks to Sonny.-

Me; Please tell me Sonny can sing.
Kenna; Well, once in the 5th grade, Sonny and I entered in the talent show and we were going to sing "I Want To Hold You Hand" by The Beatles, and she sang and I played guitar, and by the end of the song, ANIMAL CONTROL was there.
Me; Why animal control?
Kenna; They thought a starving sea lion was there.
Me; She's doomed.

Muahahahahaha! -evil music plays dramatically- I will finish the story later,


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