Friday, July 16, 2010

Shout Out Central

Hey everyone! Abbey here and I am in a FABULOUS mood! Why? IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS I AM RE-UNITED WITH PRUDENCE! I can't wait :)

-shout out time- Okay this posts' shout outs go to Ali (from Alaska, NOT the state, click here to go there!) Congrats on getting adopted! I hope you have a great life with your new family!!

and Molly (she doesn't have a blog) my sister, she GOT RE-SIGNED!!! With a better record company! If you haven't read the whole story, click Here!
That's about it!

Less than a week until I am finally completely happy.



  1. whoa that's right..
    I CAN'T WAIT :)


  2. Thanks for the shoutout Abbey!
    I have a great life! In fact, Danielle and her sis Opal created a YouTube!

    Vivre, Rire, Amour,
    Ali Brigitte