Friday, March 18, 2011


I walked, solemnly into Cindie’s room. We don’t talk a lot regularly, but she didn’t come to school today and I was worried.

“Cyn?” I asked, using her nickname.
”Yeah?” She asked, turning around. I looked a little closer and her eyes were red and puffy and she was clutching onto a tissue like it was her last lifeline.
“What’s wrong?” I asked, rushing to her side and sitting down next to her on her bed.
“My Mom.” She whispered.
“What about her?” I asked.
“She’s….. Dead.” Cindie said, then began sobbing on my shoulder.

My eyes widened, her mom? DEAD?
I never met Cindie and Sonali’s mother, but I heard she was a sweet and caring woman.
Oh my goodness, Poor Cindie.

I immediately grabbed Cindie and hugged her.
”Cynthia, I am so sorry.” I sniffled, using her real name.
“She was my mom, Prudence.” She sobbed into my shoulder.
“H-how?” I asked, stuttering.
Death is not one of my favorite things, and talking about it makes me scared and very depressed.

“She had very severe pneumonia.” She screamed into my shoulder. I hugged her harder.
I didn’t say anything, I just sat there, patting Cindie’s back and rocking her back and forth. I let her cry out all of her sadness.

We must have been sitting like that for 45 minutes or so, because Sonali came in the room.
“Cyn? Pru? What’s wrong?” Sonali asked.
Cindie just gave Sonali a solemn look and Sonali’s face fell.
“She’s dead isn’t she?” Sonali asked.
Cindie nodded and ran to hug her sister.

They stood in the doorway, crying and hugging each other.
If I wasn’t blinking back tears, I would have realized just how beautiful of a moment it was.

Sonali pulled back for a minute and for the first time since entering the room, she acknowledged my presence.
“Prudence, can we have a moment alone?” She asked.
I nodded and gave them both a hug, then walked out of the room and shut it behind me.

That night, I realized that I haven’t talked to my mom in 2 years. I picked up the phone and dialed the number she gave me when she dropped me off at the Orphanage.

“Hello?” A lady, I hope it was my mother, asked.
”Is Jacklynn Farrow there?” I asked.
“This is her. Who is this?” My mom asked. I smiled.
“Mom, it’s me. Prudence.” I said.
“PRUDY! I miss you terribly. How are you doing in Michigan?” She asked.
“I miss you too much! Everything here is fine, all of my sisters are amazing, and Melanie is taking good care of me.” I smiled.
“That’s great. Why did you call? Not that I’m not ecstatic to hear your voice, but I’m curious.” She asked.
“Well, two of my sisters, Sonali and Cindie, they are actual sisters. Well, sadly, their mother died earlier today…” My voice trailed off.
“That’s terrible! Tell them your father and I send our condolences.” She said, sadly.
“I will, well, after hearing that, I realized how lucky I was to have a living mother, so I called you!” I smiled.
“Aw, Well, I’ll always be here for you.” I could almost hear the smile on her face.
”So, Let me tell you how everything’s been going…” I smiled and sat down, catching up takes a lot out of you.

Here’s some advice from Prudence;
Don’t take your mom for granted, you never know when you’re going to loose her.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Worse Times Get Worse

"School. Meh." I muttered under my breath as I hurried down the hallways.

If I was late to Art Class one more time Mrs. Freemont would have my head on a platter.

I was almost there, when I heard footsteps walking behind me. I spun my head around almost automatically and saw Nathan, my boyfriend whom I haven't seen in what seems like twelve million years.

"Nathan?" I asked, a smile dancing on my lips.
"Prudence, we need to talk." Nathan's face was serious.
"About what?" The smile fell flat.

He said nothing, just grabbed my hand and pulled me into the Choir room where we would have Chorus 2 hours later.

"I don't think you and I are right for each other." He said, quickly, like that would have it hurt less.

My heart dropped and I opened my mouth to say something, but he halted me and continued.

"You're an awesome girl, Prudence, and one lucky guy's going to meet you and win you over, but that guy isn't me." He finished.

"Oh my gosh." Was all I managed to get out.

I was in complete shock, but I could see this coming, we hadn't spoken in at least a month.

"We should have managed to make time to see each other." I whispered, hoping he wouldn't hear.
"I know, but time tears people apart. I'm also quitting Chorus." He stated.

I looked up at him, with his beautiful eyes that had always managed to make me melt, but... I felt nothing.


'no he's not.' My mind corrected.

"W-why?" I stuttered.
"Because, Rachel says it's not cool to be in chorus." Nathan said.

Rage filled me almost instantaneously.

He looked frightened, and nodded.
"She promised not to." He fired back.
"Well, you promised you'd never break up with me, but hey, every promise is made to be broken right?" Tears began to fall from my eyes and I turned around to walk away.

"Pru, wait." Nathan said, reaching out and got a hold of my arm.
"LET ME GO." I yelled, breaking free from his grasp and ran away to art class and away from all of the lies.

Someone, please, kill me.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Family Ties

GOSH, it's been a while hasn't it, my lovely friends?

Do you know when school just gets SO crazy and hectic and it's the only thing you can focus on and that's because you HAVE to?

That's my life.

No news on when Annabelle is coming home, but we DID find out that her sister, Mikayla, is going to be joining Julie, Rebecca and Elizabeth's family! YAY!

Gosh, all of these posts are so short. I'm sorry you guys, but hey, you have to do what you have to do, right?