Sunday, October 31, 2010

Holding Hands and Working it Out

"PRUDENCE!!!!!!!!! WE'RE GOING TO BE LATE" Abbey yelled from downstairs up to my room.

I was in my room and putting my hair in braids and a headband over my forehead,
Yup, I am going to Hayley Madison's Halloween Party dressed as a Hippie. I don't want a sequel to the Rachel Fiasco, thankyouverymuch.

"Kay." I muttered, my heart still broken from what happened with Nathan and Rachel.
Abbey knocked on my door, "Pru? You okay in there?"
I looked in the mirror,
was I okay?
"Yeah, I just need to do my hair and I'll be right down." I lied.
Abbey saw right through me and abruptly opened the door

I blinked, then sighed and explained my dilemma.
"I just don't want to see Nathan and Rachel all over each other at a party on gosh-darned Halloween. You know?"
Abbey nodded "Well, sort of. You know his friend, Justin? Well, he has been trying to get me to go out with him, and I am worried about what he will do at the party." She stared down at her Taylor Swift-ish cowboy boots, flattened out her pale blue dress and sighed.
I thought about it,

we bail and look like cowards?

"No." I said aloud.
"No?" Abbey looked at me, confused.
"No, we are going to the party, and showing Rachel and Nathan and Justin that we won't back down." I nodded.
".......Is this the part where Demi Lovato comes out and dances on tables, like she did in Camp Rock 2?" Abbey was obviously getting more and more confused.
"NO." I huffed, then finished my hair and pulled Abbey down the stairs and towards what might have been the biggest party we will ever attend.

Abbey, Julie, Molly and I were the only girls in my family who wanted to attend and Molly and Julie decided to go as a Candy Corn Witch (Julie) and a Mermaid (Molly.)
When we walked inside, all eyes were immediately on us.
"Wow, pretty slow night, to be staring at us, eh?" Julie asked me, which caused me to erupt in giggles. The party was filled with life again as soon as my giggles died down. Julie went over to her friends, Laura, Nichole and Opal. Molly rushed over to HER friends, Maddie, and Julie and Rebecca from the blogs Julie Sparkles and Remarkable Rebecca. Which left Abbey and I to fend for ourselves. Abbey spotted a karaoke stand and poked my side, I turned my head to see Hayley, the party's hostess, sing Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream."
I turned to Abbey and asked "Should I sing?"
Abbey replied instantly "YES YES YES!"
"But what should I sing?" I asked, searching my mind for a song to sing.
"I dunno, but I think the Karaoke Machine is on shuffle, so you'll get one randomly." Abbey predicted.
"Oh okay." I said, then turned to get in line for karaoke, and guess who was in front of me but none other then RACHEL, who was still wearing her Dorothy outfit, good thing I changed costumes for the party.

"Hey, thing. I see you went with something more suitable for you." She said, then rolled her eyes.
"What do you mean, VanGAGski?" I asked.
"I mean, Hippies were freaks, and you ARE a freak. Well I guess you are what you wear." She said, then turned around.
"Rachel, be nice." An angelic voice called out behind me.
I turned to be face to face, well actually face to chin (He's taller then me) with Nathan, who was dressed up as Elvis.


Rachel rolled her eyes. "Whate-" She paused and realized it was Nathan "Oh HI honey!" She pushed me aside, and went to hug Nathan. Nathan hugged her, so he wasn't able to see her WINK, at Kevin Jacobson, but he WAS able to see Kevin blow a kiss at Rachel and Rachel act like she caught it.
"What's THAT about?" He asked.
"Honey, what do you mean?" She said, acting innocent.
"YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME, AREN'T YOU?" He said, getting mad.
"N-n-yeah." she said, looking down.
"Well, you can have him. We're through." Nathan said, then walked away and went to Hayley's HUGE backyard.
I followed him to make sure he didn't get in trouble.
"Nathan I'm really sorry." I said when I caught up to him when he was swinging on one of the swings on the swing set.
"I should have known." He sighed, looking down.
I sat down on the other swing next to him,
"Hey, it's okay for you not to have known. She was sneaking around behind your back." I replied.
"But I should have been more observant" He said glumly.
"Nathan, it's her fault, not yours. You did the right thing by breaking up with her." I re-assured.
He looked up at me,
"You think so?"
"Definitely." I said, smiling.
He let out a small smile and said,
"Thanks, Pru."
My name had never sounded more beautiful,
"Your welcome Nathan."
He moved one of the stray hairs out from my face.
My cheeks burned.
"You have the prettiest eyes." He said, looking deeply into my chocolate eyes.
"Thank you" I blushed.
Then we both leaned in and right as we were about to kiss.....


I fell into a puddle that was underneath the swing.
Great, Prudence, Great.
"Are you okay?" He asked.
I was deep red, "Yes."
He smiled a little "Hey, I found a nickname for you, it's Peach, because you always turn Peach when I talk to you."
I smiled "Well, you SHOULD call me Klutz."
He shook his head "Honestly, I'm not any more graceful then you are."
He helped me up and we laughed all the way inside.

When we got inside and I got dried off, we walked into the main room with the karaoke machine to find none other then
Justin singing "We Can Work It Out" By The Beatles to the crowd, but staring at Abbey.
It was hysterical considering that I knew their history.
Abbey looked like she was trying to cover up how bright red she was turning.
"She likes him too" I said, and Nathan nodded "and he has had his eye on her for a while now"
After the song, Justin walked off stage and asked Abbey.
"Could we please work it out?"
Abbey thought about it, then nodded.

About 20 minutes later;
Justin, Abbey, Molly, Julie, Rebecca, the Other Julie, Nathan and I were all walking home singing random songs at the top of our lungs. Our Julie had just finished singing Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" when Nathan asked "Prudence, can you wait up with me for a second?" He nodded for the rest of the group to keep walking.
"Prudence, ever since the first day I talked to you, I knew there was something special about you." He beamed, then contiued, "I mean, your beautiful, funny, smart and caring. So, I was wondering if you would like to be my girlfriend?" He asked

I was trying not to faint,
"Yes!" I yelled then hugged him and he picked me up and twirled me like they do in the movies. Then he started singing;
"Oh yeah,
I'll tell you something.
I think you'll understand
When I say that something.
I want to hold your hand!
I want to hold your hand,
I want to hold your hand."

I was blushing out of control, but being the HUGE Beatlemaniac I am, I HAD to sing along.
"Oh Please,
Say To Me,
You'll let me be your man"

We both laughed at that, I should have said "woman"
then I started singing again;
"And Please!
Say To Me,
You'll let me hold your hand!
You'll let me hold your hand,
I Want to hold your hand!!"

I was smiling like a fool, especially when he joined me to sing the next part;
"And when I touch you
I feel happy Inside.
It's such a feeling that my love
I can't hide,
I can't hide,

I took a breather while he sang;
"Yeah you got that something'
I think you'll understand,
When I say that something'
I want to hold your hand!
I want to hold your hand,
I wanna hold Pru's hand!"

I laughed at how he changed up the lyrics.
Then I sang again;

"And when I touch you I feel happy inside"
I played with his hair, then continued to belt out the words to one of my favorite songs;
"It's such a feeling that my love,
I can't hide"
He sang;
"I can't hide"
We both sang;
"I can't hide!"

"Yeah you!
Got that something!
I think you'll understand
When I feel that something.
I wanna hold your hand!
I wanna hold your hand!

By then, his hand was in mine and we were giggling insanely.

Happy Halloween everyone :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today was costume day at school!
I was SUPPOSED to be a hippie, but at the last minute, I was called in to be Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz." The person who made me be Dorothy was Molly, and the only reason I said yes was because my sisters were all dressing up as Characters from the movie.
Julie was the Scarecrow,
Molly was the Cowardly Lion,
and Cindie was the Tin Man (or in this case, Tin Girl)

we looked pretty cute, actually :D

At school, I got a glimpse of what everyone was.
I saw Vampires, Ghosts, Witches, Wizards, and everything else.
Then I saw HER

SHE is Rachel Vanstrongski.
A.k.a the most popular girl in school.
A.k.a the girl who was wearing the EXACT same costume as me.
A.k.a Nathan Modine's girlfriend.

I turned to Abbey, who [shocker.] went as Taylor Swift, and asked,
Abbey looked at Rachel, then to me and said "Oh my gosh, I don't know. Do you think she's noticed that you two are like twins?"
I shook my head, then I went back to looking at Rachel and Nathan.
"How could I have been so stupid? Obviously the most POPULAR guy in school has a girlfriend. I knew it, he was just being nice to the new girl." I muttered to no one in particular and tore down the hallway with my make-up running and all. Abbey called after me

I didn't.
I just kept running and running, until I ran SMACK into someone - and that someone was none other then Rachel.
"Hon, next Halloween. Go with something more ORIGINAL." She sneered while looking down at my costume.
"You're wearing the same thing." I retorted.
"Whatever, oh and if you EVER think your going to get MY Nathan to like you, let alone LOVE you. You've got another thing coming." She said, then turned around and walked the other way.

She was right,
Nathan would never fall for ME.
The freak.

Heartbreak sucks.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Nathan + Prudence = ?

Oh, Nathan Modine.
It sounds like poetry <3

OH I'm sorry! I was just, dazing off.
Nathan Modine is the most popular guy at AGPPA, he is SO cute!
He has jet black hair that goes down to just below his ears, sky blue eyes, and the most ADORABLE smile!

I bet your wondering why I know all this, well it all happened in Math class.

He sits in front of me, and usually doesn't notice me at all, but today he turned around and said "Hey, uh. what's your name again? Isn't it like a Beatles song?" He smiled.
"Yeah it is, it's Prudence, You know 'Dear Prudence. Won't you come out to play, Dear Prudence, greet the brand new day'" I said the lyrics.
"Yeah The sun is up the sky is blue, it's beautiful and so are you, Dear Prudence, won't you come out to play?' I love that song, The Beatles are awesome! Oh and Dear Prudence, do you have a pencil?" He asked.
My cheeks burned, did he say that part because he thought I was beautiful? Or was he just saying it to say the song?
I realized I had turned a deep red and gave him the pencil "H-h-here you go" I stuttered and handed him the pencil, he grabbed it and his hand touched mine. I nearly died. He thanked me and turned to do his work.

My head was swimming.

The next hour, Science, I could barely focus on the Periodic Table because all I could think about was Nathan Bodine and his blue eyes singing "Dear Prudence" to me.

It's official,
I'm boy crazy.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Help and Hello's.

"Surprise, Surprise. Another letter from Sonny and Kenna"
Julie joked around, holding the letter.
We were in the TV room waiting for Chrissa to pick a movie for us to watch.
Earlier today I had gotten a letter from Sonny and Kenna, but I wanted to wait until after dinner to open it.
I took the letter from Julie's hands, shot her a mean face but that faded into a smile, then opened the envelope and read the letter silently.

"Dear Prudence,

Sonny; HAHA! That gets me every time, you know?
Kenna; yeah, sure, whatever Son. Anyways, GUESS WHERE WE ARE?!

[I mentally asked 'where?']
Sonny; Well we are in, A YELLOW SUBMARINE!
[Typical Sonny, making a Beatles reference. Callie would love her]
Kenna; She's just kidding, Pru, we are in THE AG FACTORY!
Sonny; YES WE MADE IT HERE! Annabelle, Ivy and Kaya are here too!
Kenna; I bet your wondering WHY we are here, don't you agree, Alison?
Sonny; *slaps Kenna*
Kenna; OW!
Sonny; Call me Alison again and it will be harder. Anyways, we are here because we realized that Melanie will not come to AGP Denver anytime soon, and we were at a higher risk of getting adopted there, so we just packed up everything and came here!
Kenna; The plane ride made me nauseous.
Annabelle; Same here!
Sonny; Annie, you know we love you but PLEASE introduce yourself next time when you're going to write something, okay?

[My jaw dropped, THE ANNABELLE!]
Sonny; There ya go, Annabelle.
Annabelle; Prudence! Such a pretty name! Oh and I think I am actually going to be joining your family! Are you part of the 'Randomly Retro Girls?' If you are, your owner, Melanie has reserved me, Sonny, Kenna, a Felicity, a Rebecca, two more JLY/MAG's, and an Emily.
Kenna; How exciting! Things are SO different now that we are in the AG factory! I mean, no pretty colored walls, no little kids smiles, but it was for the best.
Sonny; and besides, we can always catch the next flight back to Denver, I bet Kenna would like that.
Kenna; Okay, Okay. We're even now.
Annabelle; I wonder how you lived with these two, Prudence.
Sonny; because she is JUST LIKE US! You will be too, you just need to ease out of your shell.
Kenna; Aw man. We have to go send this letter and get back to the boxes, the workers are coming, Bye Pru! Write back soon!
Annabelle; Goodbye Prudence!

Sonny, Kenna, and Annabelle.

I smiled.
"I GOT IT!" Chrissa yelled, triumphantly holding up a DVD case with the word "Help!" on it.
"YES!" Julie said.
"I hope Sonny and Kenna don't need any." I muttered and smiled.


Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm not the one who usually posts about this kind of stuff but,

"EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE!" Julie screamed while running around the house.
Marisol gave her a confused look "What's up, Buttercup?"
"LOOK!" Julie screamed while shoving a crisp, white envelope in Mari's direction.
Marisol read the address out loud, "To; The Randomly Retro Girls, From; American Girl Factory"
Everyone must have heard the part from the American Girl Factory because in a split second, we were all sitting in the living room, patiently awaiting to hear what the letter said.
Marisol opened the envelope to find a piece of paper with the words 'American Girl' typed across the top in bold red text. "IT'S OFFICIAL!" I yelled once I got a glance of the letter's heading. "Calm down, Prudence" Marisol advised and began to read.

"Dear Randomly Retro Girls,"
"We have names, thank-you-very-much" Molly sneered in a as-a-matter-of-factly tone.
"AHEM." Marisol said, then started reading again,
"We have found a Felicity doll that matches your requirements, here are some key things about her.

Full name; Felicity Jane Merriman
Best Friend(s); Maddy, Elizabeth and Kaley
Personality; A Horse-Loving Tomboy with fiery red hair and emerald eyes.
Pet; Pepper, A Siberian Husky
Year;..." Marisol trailed off.

I jumped up and walked over to Marisol and read the year out loud.
"Year; 1774 AND 1963?" I was stunned. I immediately thought of Sonny and Kenna's friend, Annabelle who is also from 1963.

Maybe they know each other?
What if they were friends?

I had many questions going around in my head, but the first thing that came out of my mouth was simply,
Marisol joked "Oh great, another time traveler." Jess elbowed her in the ribs, I don't know if I have ever told you this but the reason Marisol and Jess are best friends is because Jess' friend Mary made a time machine and Jess, being the adventurous one, volunteered to go first, and ZAP! She was sent from 1957 to 1983 and she met Marisol and the rest is history.

Chrissa spoke up
"Wait, Elizabeth... ELIZABETH!" She repeated.
"What?" I asked.
"Elizabeth from the blog Enchanting Elizabeth! WE ARE GETTING HER FELICITY!" Chrissa yelled.
"No, we can't..." I trailed off after I remembered that Elizabeth in fact DID know a Felicity in a factory.
"Well, I should ask Elizabeth about this today." I finished.

Everyone nodded and went back to their original positions, Callie playing guitar, Marisol stretching for Dance, Julie acting like a walrus and Molly laughing hysterically, Sonali and Chrissa drawing each other, Jess writing, Cindie and Abbey playing Wii, and Me blogging.

I wonder if that IS the Felicity.
What if she asks for Rain? [My horse]

Oh boy, it's going to be a long, cold, SCARY winter.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


"Pru! Look at this!" Abbey called me outside.
"What?!" I asked while doing my Math homework.

Some one's in a good mood
I thought while getting up from my desk and walking to my back door.
"LOOK!" Abbey screamed as soon as I went outside

"oh my gosh" I gasped, looking around our backyard to find a million bright little sparkling lights hovering above my head.
"Abbey, did you do this?" I asked breathlessly.
"Yup" she stood proudly, "Do you like it?"
"YES YES YES!" I danced around. She joined me "Really?"
I skipped around, "Yes! Abbey, this is gorgeous!"
She smiled "Thanks Prudence."
Julie came out to take out the trash, but as soon as she saw the twinkling lights the bag of garbage was on the ground and she was dancing along with us. Julie ran to our CD player that was perched up on a table and turned it on and all the way. Abbey squealed after hearing the opening chords of Taylor Swift's "Fearless" I smiled, thinking to myself that I had the best friend and sisters in the whole world.
After the song ended, Marisol called us in for dinner. Julie ran inside, I followed suit but Abbey stayed outside. I turned to her
"You okay, Abbey?"
"Yeah..." She was looking up at the lights.
"You do know that after dinner we can come back outside again, right?" I questioned.
"WE CAN?! OKAY LET'S GO TO DINNER!" She yelled and grabbed my hand and we ran inside.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
How I wonder what you are.

[Note From Melanie; Hey everyone, Mel here! This is kind of a tribute post to Prudence and Abbey, because, as some of you know, Abbey is a re-named Lanie doll, and Lanie is retiring this year, and when they retire a girl, they retire her best friend as well, and Abbey's best friend is Prudence, so I decided to make a post JUST about their friendship before they retired!]