Saturday, October 16, 2010


"Pru! Look at this!" Abbey called me outside.
"What?!" I asked while doing my Math homework.

Some one's in a good mood
I thought while getting up from my desk and walking to my back door.
"LOOK!" Abbey screamed as soon as I went outside

"oh my gosh" I gasped, looking around our backyard to find a million bright little sparkling lights hovering above my head.
"Abbey, did you do this?" I asked breathlessly.
"Yup" she stood proudly, "Do you like it?"
"YES YES YES!" I danced around. She joined me "Really?"
I skipped around, "Yes! Abbey, this is gorgeous!"
She smiled "Thanks Prudence."
Julie came out to take out the trash, but as soon as she saw the twinkling lights the bag of garbage was on the ground and she was dancing along with us. Julie ran to our CD player that was perched up on a table and turned it on and all the way. Abbey squealed after hearing the opening chords of Taylor Swift's "Fearless" I smiled, thinking to myself that I had the best friend and sisters in the whole world.
After the song ended, Marisol called us in for dinner. Julie ran inside, I followed suit but Abbey stayed outside. I turned to her
"You okay, Abbey?"
"Yeah..." She was looking up at the lights.
"You do know that after dinner we can come back outside again, right?" I questioned.
"WE CAN?! OKAY LET'S GO TO DINNER!" She yelled and grabbed my hand and we ran inside.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,
How I wonder what you are.

[Note From Melanie; Hey everyone, Mel here! This is kind of a tribute post to Prudence and Abbey, because, as some of you know, Abbey is a re-named Lanie doll, and Lanie is retiring this year, and when they retire a girl, they retire her best friend as well, and Abbey's best friend is Prudence, so I decided to make a post JUST about their friendship before they retired!]


  1. Sounds Beautiful!! oh and btw I love your new Headrer! It's so pretty!!

  2. thank you! You sound Like a really nice Girl...or uh Thank you for being my 1st follower!
    I hate mean girlS! esp. Haley! She's the meanest.
    Maybe it will be my Felicity that ur family will be getting! I sure hope so! Your family sounds really nice, Thats the type of Family Felicity should get! lol. :)