Monday, October 18, 2010


I'm not the one who usually posts about this kind of stuff but,

"EVERYONE EVERYONE EVERYONE!" Julie screamed while running around the house.
Marisol gave her a confused look "What's up, Buttercup?"
"LOOK!" Julie screamed while shoving a crisp, white envelope in Mari's direction.
Marisol read the address out loud, "To; The Randomly Retro Girls, From; American Girl Factory"
Everyone must have heard the part from the American Girl Factory because in a split second, we were all sitting in the living room, patiently awaiting to hear what the letter said.
Marisol opened the envelope to find a piece of paper with the words 'American Girl' typed across the top in bold red text. "IT'S OFFICIAL!" I yelled once I got a glance of the letter's heading. "Calm down, Prudence" Marisol advised and began to read.

"Dear Randomly Retro Girls,"
"We have names, thank-you-very-much" Molly sneered in a as-a-matter-of-factly tone.
"AHEM." Marisol said, then started reading again,
"We have found a Felicity doll that matches your requirements, here are some key things about her.

Full name; Felicity Jane Merriman
Best Friend(s); Maddy, Elizabeth and Kaley
Personality; A Horse-Loving Tomboy with fiery red hair and emerald eyes.
Pet; Pepper, A Siberian Husky
Year;..." Marisol trailed off.

I jumped up and walked over to Marisol and read the year out loud.
"Year; 1774 AND 1963?" I was stunned. I immediately thought of Sonny and Kenna's friend, Annabelle who is also from 1963.

Maybe they know each other?
What if they were friends?

I had many questions going around in my head, but the first thing that came out of my mouth was simply,
Marisol joked "Oh great, another time traveler." Jess elbowed her in the ribs, I don't know if I have ever told you this but the reason Marisol and Jess are best friends is because Jess' friend Mary made a time machine and Jess, being the adventurous one, volunteered to go first, and ZAP! She was sent from 1957 to 1983 and she met Marisol and the rest is history.

Chrissa spoke up
"Wait, Elizabeth... ELIZABETH!" She repeated.
"What?" I asked.
"Elizabeth from the blog Enchanting Elizabeth! WE ARE GETTING HER FELICITY!" Chrissa yelled.
"No, we can't..." I trailed off after I remembered that Elizabeth in fact DID know a Felicity in a factory.
"Well, I should ask Elizabeth about this today." I finished.

Everyone nodded and went back to their original positions, Callie playing guitar, Marisol stretching for Dance, Julie acting like a walrus and Molly laughing hysterically, Sonali and Chrissa drawing each other, Jess writing, Cindie and Abbey playing Wii, and Me blogging.

I wonder if that IS the Felicity.
What if she asks for Rain? [My horse]

Oh boy, it's going to be a long, cold, SCARY winter.


  1. ik! I hate being forced to go back in our boxes and act like were not real!
    But It sounds like Felicity wont be having to act like that for long!! lol
    and yes I believe that the Felicity that your talking about is my Felicity. Her middle name is Jane so it must be. She will be so excited when she finds out...or maybe she has and she doesnt want to tell us. hmm....You'll just Love Felicity!


  2. lol thanks. and ya I will have a post about Felicity soon, I promise. What do you hope Felicity will be like??


  3. thanks :]
    I cant wait for my new Family but Leaving my friends is going to be really hard!