Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Help and Hello's.

"Surprise, Surprise. Another letter from Sonny and Kenna"
Julie joked around, holding the letter.
We were in the TV room waiting for Chrissa to pick a movie for us to watch.
Earlier today I had gotten a letter from Sonny and Kenna, but I wanted to wait until after dinner to open it.
I took the letter from Julie's hands, shot her a mean face but that faded into a smile, then opened the envelope and read the letter silently.

"Dear Prudence,

Sonny; HAHA! That gets me every time, you know?
Kenna; yeah, sure, whatever Son. Anyways, GUESS WHERE WE ARE?!

[I mentally asked 'where?']
Sonny; Well we are in, A YELLOW SUBMARINE!
[Typical Sonny, making a Beatles reference. Callie would love her]
Kenna; She's just kidding, Pru, we are in THE AG FACTORY!
Sonny; YES WE MADE IT HERE! Annabelle, Ivy and Kaya are here too!
Kenna; I bet your wondering WHY we are here, don't you agree, Alison?
Sonny; *slaps Kenna*
Kenna; OW!
Sonny; Call me Alison again and it will be harder. Anyways, we are here because we realized that Melanie will not come to AGP Denver anytime soon, and we were at a higher risk of getting adopted there, so we just packed up everything and came here!
Kenna; The plane ride made me nauseous.
Annabelle; Same here!
Sonny; Annie, you know we love you but PLEASE introduce yourself next time when you're going to write something, okay?

[My jaw dropped, THE ANNABELLE!]
Sonny; There ya go, Annabelle.
Annabelle; Prudence! Such a pretty name! Oh and I think I am actually going to be joining your family! Are you part of the 'Randomly Retro Girls?' If you are, your owner, Melanie has reserved me, Sonny, Kenna, a Felicity, a Rebecca, two more JLY/MAG's, and an Emily.
Kenna; How exciting! Things are SO different now that we are in the AG factory! I mean, no pretty colored walls, no little kids smiles, but it was for the best.
Sonny; and besides, we can always catch the next flight back to Denver, I bet Kenna would like that.
Kenna; Okay, Okay. We're even now.
Annabelle; I wonder how you lived with these two, Prudence.
Sonny; because she is JUST LIKE US! You will be too, you just need to ease out of your shell.
Kenna; Aw man. We have to go send this letter and get back to the boxes, the workers are coming, Bye Pru! Write back soon!
Annabelle; Goodbye Prudence!

Sonny, Kenna, and Annabelle.

I smiled.
"I GOT IT!" Chrissa yelled, triumphantly holding up a DVD case with the word "Help!" on it.
"YES!" Julie said.
"I hope Sonny and Kenna don't need any." I muttered and smiled.



  1. omg! Thats so nice that they went to the AG Factory so that Melanie can get them! Thats so sweet. I wonder If They know Elizabeth were getting? hmmm...


  2. awwww! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your a really nice friend! Thanks again! :)

    and also Could you or any of your sisters that have blogs write a post about my blog and tell people to follow it! I only have 2 followers :(
    If You dont want to thats fine


  3. lol thats probally what I'lle nd up being!!
    oh and I think you shoudl be a HIPPIE!!! That would fit you perfectly! lol