Thursday, December 16, 2010

Disco Bell Rock

"Come on Pru!" Elizabeth called as she pulled me into the auditorium.

Today was the day of AGPPA's 1st Annual Winter Dance, which the Chorus was supposed to perform at.

"I can't do this." I groaned. The butterflies in my stomach were going crazy.
"Come on, Prudence! Yes you can! You sing in front of the Chorus EVERY week." Elizabeth smiled.
"But this is different. The Chorus is like my second family, the whole school..... Not so much." I shuddered.
"Come on, Prudence. We're going to be late." Elizabeth rolled her eyes and walked with me to the dressing room.

"PRU!" Molly and Callie chorused. They were in our costumes which were either red dresses (Molly, Elizabeth, & Chrissa) or white dresses. (Casey, Jessica, & Callie)

"Where's my dress?" I asked Mrs. Hodge as she came in to check on us.
"Oh Prudence. You're going to be singing the solo. The crowd needs to distinguish you from the rest of the Chorus." Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"So, I'll be like the center of everything?" I asked.
"Yeah! Come on, I'll show you your dress." She smiled, then walked with me to the clothes rack.
"There." She pointed to a black bag over a hanger.
"Oh my gosh." I gushed. It was perfect! It was a knee-length, sleeveless gold dress.
"Where did you get this?" I asked.
"Oh, I have my sources." She smiled.
"Mrs. Hudson and Sonali?" I asked.
"Yeah!" She laughed and I joined in.
She checked her watch. "Okay! Girls, I will go call in the boys to come in here so we can warm up." Mrs. Hodge clapped her hands together and walked to the boy's dressing room.
"Wow Prudence! That dress is GORGEOUS!" Elizabeth gushed.
"It looks amazing with your black hair." Molly complimented.
Jessica walked by, took a look at me, and smiled
"Cute." Then walked over to the make-up mirror.
"Thanks." I responded.
"You all look really cute too." I smiled.
"Prudence, I need to tell you something." Chrissa sighed, pulling me to a side of the room.
"What?" I asked.
"Abbey....." She started. The look on her face said she didn't know how to say it.
"What?" I repeated.
"Abbey......... Went......... Home." She whispered.

My heart shattered.
"WHAT?! HOW?! WHEN?!" I yelled.
"She went back to Massachusetts on a plane at three o'clock in the morning on Tuesday." Chrissa sighed.
"Oh my God." I just whispered. My best friend was gone?

Without a second thought?
Or even a goodbye?

"The boys are here!" Keith announced.
Molly rolled her eyes "We're not blind, Hudson."
Keith looked at Molly and immediately was at a loss for words.
"What?" Molly asked. "Do I have something in my teeth?"
"No, Keith here's just enjoying the vie-" Ryan came up behind Keith and patted his back, but couldn't finish the sentence because Keith elbowed him in the ribs.
"Sorry, just calling it like I see it." Ryan put both of his hands up, then walked to Casey.

"Where's Nathan? Or did he leave too?" I asked nastily.
"Prudence, I'm really sorry." Chrissa sighed.
"Well you knew, but you didn't tell me." I fired.
"I'm so sorry." Chrissa whispered then walked over to Matt.

I heard footsteps coming up behind me, but I didn't care enough to look.

My best friend was....... Gone.
What was I going to do?

"PEACH!" An all-too-familiar voice called out.
I spun around "Hey." I glum ed at Nathan.
"What's wrong, Pru?" He asked, holding my cheek.
"Abbey's gone." I whispered on the verge of tears.
"What?" He asked.
I explained it to him, everything.
"Oh my goodness, Prudence! I am so very sorry." He apologized.
"Sorry's not going to bring her back." I sighed.
"Well, on the bright side. You look beautiful." He smiled.
I blushed, but not as intensely as I would have without knowing about Abbey's departure.
"Thanks, Nathan. You look amazing as well." I complimented, he did. The black suit he was wearing looked awesome on him.

"OKAY EVERYONE, GATHER AROUND!" Mrs. Hodge called out as soon as we all got back stage.
"We have 3 songs to perform. 'Jingle Bell Rock,' 'Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree' and 'Merry Christmas Darling.'" She instructed.
We all nodded.
"Okay, I'll go introduce you all." She smiled, then turned to walk on stage.
"Mrs. Hodge! Wait!" I stopped her.
"Yes, Prudence?" She questioned.
"Can I sing something else instead of 'Merry Christmas Darling?'" I asked.
She thought about it for a second.
"Sure." She smiled.
"Thank-you!" I thanked then walked back to where the Chorus was sitting.

"Okay, now we have a very special treat for all of you!" Mrs. Migliori, the School's principal, announced.
A low mutter scattered across the crowd. I looked out and saw all of my sisters and Julie and Rebecca.
"Mrs. Hodge will tell you all more about it." Mrs. Migliori smiled then motioned for Mrs. Hodge to come on the stage.

When Mrs. Hodge walked on stage, there was an abundant amount of applause.
"WOOOOOO!" I heard Marisol scream.
"Merry Christmas, my little Retro Kiddies." Mrs. Hodge joked. The crowd laughed.
"We, as in the Chorus and I, have some Christmas cheer to spread." Mrs. Hodge smiled. The mention of the Chorus caused all of my sisters & friends to scream " GO PRUDENCE, MOLLY, CALLIE, CHRISSA AND LIZZIE!"
"I bet you're all wondering what it is. Well why don't we just show you?" She smiled, then walked off stage and pulled the curtains to that they were spread on the stage.
"GO GO GO!" She whispered.

We all got in position.
Callie and Tyler were back to back. Same with Casey and Ryan. Molly and Keith. Peter & Jessica. Elizabeth and Jake. I was standing alone in the middle with my arms in a 'V' shape and Nathan behind me.
"Prudence and Nathan! Get back to back with her!" Mrs. Hodge pointed to a new girl in the exact same gold dress as me. I motioned for her to come back-to-back with me, which she did.

We all were wearing Santa hats that matched our outfits, so Red hats for Molly, Elizabeth, and Chrissa. Or white hats for Callie, Casey, and Jessica. All the boys were SUPPOSED to be wearing black Santa hats, but they decided that wearing Reindeer ears were better. The new girl and I were both wearing metallic gold hats.

"Hi, I'm Charity." She whispered.
"CHARITY?!" I yelled.

Abbey had a cousin who looked EXACTLY like her named Charity. Charity and I were really good friends.
"PRUDENCE?!" She yell-whispered.
We hugged.
"It's been so long!" I whispered.
"I know!" She laughed.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Abbey sent me to live with you and your sisters." She smiled.
"Oh really?" I raised an eyebrow, Abbey was very surprising.
"Yeah! Oh and Abbey says 'Sing out, Prudence!'" Charity informed.
I laughed.
"See Prudence. Abbey still cares about you." Nathan smiled. I nodded.

"One, Two, One, Two, Three, Four." Cindie called off and motioned for the band to start playing 'Jingle Bell Rock.'

"Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell, Jingle Bell Rock." Everyone sang in harmony.
"Jingle bells swing" The girls sang.
"and jingle bells ring" The guys sang.
"Snowin' and blowin' up bushels of fun
Now the jingle hop has begun" We all danced.

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock
Jingle bells chime in jingle bell time" The boys spun around the girl they were partnered up with, Nathan spun both Charity and I around.

"Dancin' and prancin' in Jingle Bell Square
In the frosty air" We all sang.

"What a bright time, it's the right time
To rock the night away
Jingle bell time is a swell time
To go glidin' in a one-horse sleigh"
Casey walked to center stage and sang AMAZINGLY.
When she sang 'rock' she acted like she was playing a guitar.

"Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet" Charity joined in, skipping to her in
"Jingle around the clock" They both walked around in a circle.
"Mix and a-mingle in the jinglin' feet
That's the jingle bell rock" They grabbed hands and danced.

We all took a little dance break. Molly and Keith started doing stunts in the center stage. She did a cartwheel and he caught her.

I looked out to the crowd, they were dancing too!

"Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock" We all formed a line and grabbed hands.
"Jingle bells chime" Half of the people squatted down.
"in jingle bell time" The other half squatted down when the first half stood up.
"Dancin' and prancin' in Jingle Bell Square" Jake did this weird Disco move, so we all did Disco moves.
"In the frosty air" We all chorused while doing the '70's justice.

"What a bright time, it's the right time" Casey went back to the center.
"To rock the night away" She pointed up, then down, like she was at a Disco.
"Jingle bell time is a swell time.
To go gliding' in a one-horse sleigh" She went back, then slid up to the front of the stage.

"Giddy-up jingle horse, pick up your feet" Ryan went behind Casey, and picked her up.
"Jingle around the clock" He spun her while singing.
"Mix and a-mingle in the jingling' feet" He set her down, and they moved their feet in and outwards.
"That's the jingle bell
That's the jingle bell" They sang.
"That's the jingle bell rock!" We all sang and posed.

The crowd erupted in cheers. I hugged Casey, "You were amazing! Same to you Ryan!" I smiled. They thanked me. The curtains closed and Mrs. Hodge went back to the microphone.
"Okay! The next song is for all of you little rockers out there." She did the 'rock n roll' sign with her hands, and walked back.

We all got into a new positon.

They put up white stairs while Mrs. Hodge was introducing us. We all were sitting on them.

Molly, Jake, Elizabeth, and Keith were sitting on the bottom step.
Chrissa, Jessica, Matt, and Charity were sitting on the second to bottom step.
Casey, Ryan, Myself, and Nathan were sitting on the middle step.
Tyler, Callie, and Peter were sitting on the top step, well Callie was standing.

The intro to Brenda Lee's "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree" played and everyone except Callie harmonized.

"Rocking' around the Christmas tree." Callie sang, taking one step down the stairs.
"At the Christmas Party hop." She spun around in time with the guitar.
"Mistletoe hung were you can see.
Every couple tries to stop." She walked down in tune with the guitar.

"Rocking' Around the Christmas tree.
Let the Christmas spirit ring"
She got to the center stage and spun on her heels.

"Later we'll have some pumpkin pie and well do some caroling" She acted like she was smelling Pumpkin Pie and then acted like a caroler.

She slid and made jazz hands then sang;
"You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear;
Voices singing lets be jolly" Everyone stood up, posed, and sang;

"deck the halls with boughs of holly!"

"Rocking around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday" Callie gave the crowd a thumbs up.
"Everyone dancing merrily in the new old-fashioned way" She sang then we all erupted into dance moves while Trevor, a kid from the band, played the Saxophone solo.

The boys picked the girls up, twisted them, put them down. All while Callie was doing either cartwheels or high-fiving everyone in the front row. Then Callie started dancing like Michael Jackson out of random, I looked at Marisol, who was laughing hysterically.

"You will get a sentimental feeling when you hear" Callie sang and put her hand by her ear.
"Voices singing lets be jolly" She made her way back to the stairs and turned around to sing with us;
"deck the halls with boughs of holly!"

"Rocking around the Christmas tree, have a happy holiday" Callie sang on the bottom step by Jake and Elizabeth.
"Everyone dancing merrily in the" She sang.
"New." She went up one step.
"Old." She went up the next.
"Fashioned." She went up the next.
"Way!!!" She held the note while everyone freestyle danced, then sat down and she posed.

The crowd, once again, erupted in cheers.

Mrs. Hodge signaled for the curtains to be closed.
"Good job, Miss Callie! Okay well for our last song of the night... Well it's a surprise to me too! I hope you enjoy it!" Mrs. Hodge smiled, then jetted back to the side of the stage.

I looked around at everyone in the Chorus. They were all having a great time. I wanted something to celebrate that. I needed to look in my head. I turned to Charity.
"What's your favorite Christmas song?" I asked her.
"Oh me? Uh. Hmm. Hard decision. There's so many awesome ones!" She smiled.
"Can you pick one?" I asked.
"I will have my iPod pick for me." She smiled and pulled her blue iPod nano out of her hat. She shuffled it.
"Hey, you know the Beatles?" She asked.
Callie heard and scoffed.
"Yeah, I mean. I'm named after one of their songs." I smiled.
"Well, my iPod says to sing Paul McCartney's 'Wonderful Christmastime'" She smiled then went to tell the band.

I tried to bust the nerves. Nathan walked up to me.
"Prudence. Stop fretting, you're going to be amazing. Like always." He kissed my cheek and went into his position. Everyone seemed to know which song I was singing because Chrissa, being the Paul Obsessed girl she is, yelled "OHMYGOD YAY!"

Cindie played the intro on her keyboard as the curtains opened.
We all sat on this big box and moved our heads all the same way and were in time wit the keyboard.

I sat in the middle, next to Nathan and Chrissa, and began singing.
"The mood is right.
The spirit's up." I pointed up.

"We're here tonight, and that's enough." I nodded and sang.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" We all chorused.

"The party's on" Peter sang.
"The feel ins here" Jessica sang.
"That only comes" Elizabeth sang.
"This time of year" Jake sang.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" I sang and walked in a jazz square.
"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" We all sang and Nathan grabbed my hand and spun me around.

"The choir of children sing their song" I sang and motioned to a group of kids.

Nathan, Callie, Chrissa, Jake, Matt, Tyler, and Elizabeth all got in a line and sang;
"Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding"
"O-o-o-o-oh!" They sang higher and higher.
"Ohhhhhhh" They sang again higher and higher.
"Do do do do do do do" They sang.

Then was a small solo, which Callie and Chrissa went to center stage and shimmied.

"We're Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime." We all harmonized.

"The word is out" I sang in a whisper.
"About the town" Nathan sang.
"So lift a glass." Nathan sang, and picked me up and raised me.
"Ahhh don't look down" I sang in the air.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" We all got into a cluster and sang.

"The choir of children sing their song" Matt sang, taking center stage.
"They've practiced all year long" Chrissa nodded, standing by him.

Me, Charity, Peter, Jessica, Casey and Ryan all took the harmonizing parts.
"Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Ding dong, ding dong
Dong, Dong"

"The party's on" Jake sang to Elizabeth, taking her hand.
"The spirits up" Elizabeth sang, pointing up.
"We're here tonight" Jake sang, and moon walked past Elizabeth, causing her to chuckle.
"And that's enough" They harmonized.
"Ooooh!" Elizabeth sang.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
We're Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" They sang and we joined in.

Another solo caused Jessica to pull Peter out into center stage and they began to dance around. Peter was sticking his stomach out, trying to be Santa. Which made Jessica act like Mrs. Claus.

"The Mood is right." I sang.
"The spirit's up." The rest of the chorus sang.
"We're here tonight" Elizabeth sang, waltzing next to me.
"OH! And that's enough." We harmonized.

"Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime
Simply having a wonderful Christmastime" Everyone came around in a circle and started clapping and singing.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh" We all sang getting lower and lower in both range and we were squatting lower and lower.

"Christmastime!" I stood up and sang the best I could.

The song ended, and everyone started clapping really loudly.
We all grabbed hands and bowed.

I didn't know if I would be able to go a whole 2 weeks without my Chorus buddies. I mean, sure I'd be with my family, but I'd want to be with my friends too!

Mrs. Hodge came out and said "HAPPY HOLIDAYS!" We all repeated it, and went to the dance.

Nathan grabbed my hand.
"When am I going to give you your Christmas present?" He asked.
"Next Thursday." I smiled. He smiled and said "Okay" Then kissed my cheek and pulled back into the life of the dance.

After the dance. Mrs. Hodge called us all back into the school.
"You were all amazing! The best! I'm so very proud of you! I will miss you all dearly over the break. So get a BUNCH of rest and relax! I will see you all in January!" She smiled then we all left.

Tomorrow is a half day, and Mrs. Hodge can't call a Chorus meeting on a half day, so we all waved.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS, MRS. HODGE! WE LOVE YOU!" We all yelled. Mrs. Hodge looked like she was about to cry. I waved and ran back and hugged her.
"Have a Merry Christmas" I smiled then walked to the rest of my sisters, and my newest sister, Charity.

"So how do you like AGPPA?" I asked.
"If THAT'S what every dance is like, then I LOVE IT" She smiled, then we ran home.



  1. It was soo MUCH FUN!!! You sang wonderfully! I can not sing as good as you! You looked so pretty in your dress. I'm so happy they had that dance, It wa ssoo FUN! I'm going to so miss you and ever1 else! Maybe we can see eachother soon! :)


  2. I am in chorus as well Were you singing Paul McCartney's version of "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmastime?" just curios oh and Prudence have you heard Glee's version of Teenage Dream by Katy Perry?-Opal

  3. Lol! Yay were glasses buddies!! HEHE we NEED jackets! Lol!!! But your glasses are blue and mines Chocolate colored lol(:


  4. Thanks Prudence that was so sweet and thoughtful :O) I can't wait for break!-Opal