Sunday, December 5, 2010


"PRUDENCE! CALLIE! MOLLY!" Marisol called out.

'Ugh.' I muttered in my mind.

"WHAT?" Molly replied.

"GO TO AGPPA! MRS. HODGE CALLED AND IS HAVING A CHORUS MEETING." Marisol called up and went back into the kitchen.

"Why would Mrs. Hodge call a Chorus meeting on a Sunday?" I asked, then decided to get dressed.

I got dressed in a long purple tee shirt and black skinny jeans. I put on my purple Converse then walked to Callie's room.

"CALLIE!" I called, she had her door shut.
"Ringo, is that you?" Callie was obviously asleep.

I bust through the door.

"CALLIE!" I yelled.
She rolled over and fell out of bed.
"AMEN!" She yelled immediately as she hit the ground.
"Callie, we're not in Church." I rolled my eyes.
"Then why did you wake me up?" She muttered.
"Because, Mrs. Hodge called a Chorus meeting." I explained.
"Hodge." Callie simply said then got up and went to get dressed.

Then, I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth, where I was joined by Molly.
"Morning, Pru." She greeted.
"Good morning, Molly." I returned the favor.
"Hey, uh, can I ask you something?" Molly said after a few moments of silence.
I finished brushing my teeth then replied "Sure"
"Well, what would you do if you liked a guy but he hated you." Molly looked around.
"Y-NO!" Molly stuttered.
I looked at her knowingly, "Molls."
"Fine! I like him, but don't tell ANYONE. He would probably rather DIE than like me back." Molly sighed.
"You never know Molly. He might just grow old with you." I joked then walked out of the bathroom.

At Chorus Practice, everyone looked half asleep.
"Hey, Pru." Elizabeth sleepily greeted.
"Hey, Lizzie." I waved.
"Morning, Peach." Nathan kissed the top of my head.
I looked up at him, he looked exhausted.
I peered over at Callie, but she had her head on Peter's shoulder and she was on the verge of falling asleep. Peter looked like he didn't mind.

I chuckled.

"GOOD MORNING!" Mrs. Hodge's cheeriness annoyed me.
Everyone muttered a greeting.
"Well, the reason I called you all here is to know what song you are going to sing." She smiled.
I immediately opened my eyes.


"We'll go down the line. You will tell me which album you had, then The Beatles song that you chose." Mrs. Hodge smiled.
Everyone nodded.
"First up is Ryan." She smiled.

"I got Please Please Me, their first album. The song I chose is 'Do You Want To Know A Secret.'" He explained.
"Oh I LOVE that song!" Casey beamed.

That's not the ONLY thing that she loves.

"Awesome choice! Casey?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"I got Revolver and I chose 'Got To Get You Into My Life'" She beamed.
"I love that song." Ryan smiled at her.

"Lovely! Molly?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"I got Sgt. Pepper's and I chose 'When I'm Sixty Four.'" Molly explained.
"You look like you are now." Keith said.
"At least I don't act like I'm 3 like SOME PEOPLE." Molly shot back.

"Calm down, but great choice! Tyler?"
"I got the awesome-ness that is Rubber Soul and I picked 'I'm Looking Through You'" Tyler explained.
"Who are you looking through?" Jessica asked.
"You." Tyler said then turned back to face Mrs. Hodge.

"I love that song! Jessica?"
"I got the Second half of The White Album, and I picked 'Don't Pass Me By'" Jessica smiled.
"I wish I can." Tyler muttered.
"YOU KNOW WHAT?!" Jessica asked, standing up.

"Okay, okay. Calm down, Jessica." Mrs. Hodge advised.
Jessica sat down.
"Keith?" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"I got Let It Be, their last album." Keith explained.
"Abbey Road was their true last album." Molly interjected.
"Abbey Road was released before Let It Be." Keith fought back.
"Abbey Road was recorded after Let It Be." Molly said.

"OKAY! WE GET IT!" Callie yelled, then rested her head on Peter's shoulder once again.
"Well, I got Let It Be and I picked 'Across The Universe.'" Keith finished.

"Nice choice! Nathan?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"I got A Hard Day's Night." Nathan smiled down on me, he knew I loved that album.
I smiled.
"And I picked the song 'And I Love Her.'" He finished.
My cheeks burned.

Did he just imply that he l-l-l-l-loved me?

"I love that song, it's so sweet! Pru?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"I had the luck of picking the first side of The White Album and I picked..." I trailed off.
"One second." I said then ran to my purse, where I pulled out my iTouch.

"Shuffle, Shuffle, Shuffle." I chanted.
I shuffled it.

"Blackbird singing in the dead of night, take these broken wings and learn to fly." I heard.

"'Blackbird'! I choose 'Blackbird!'" I beamed.

It was so perfect for me, I have been broken a lot lately, but it would be best for me if I fixed up those brusies and move on.

"Amazing song! Lovely choice! Elizabeth?" Mrs. Hodge commented.
"I got Magical Mystery Tour, and I picked the song 'All You Need Is Love'" She smiled at Jake, who returned the gesture.

"Love it! Jake?" Mrs. Hodge questioned.
"I got the album Help! Yes, there is an exclamation point after it." He joked.
Everyone either chuckled or giggled, we were all too tired to laugh.
"Well anyways, I got Help and I chose 'Dizzy Miss Lizzy'" He smiled.

Elizabeth looked shocked, the look on her face said "Is he singing a song for me?"
Yes, Liz, he is.

"Aw, how nice! Callie?" Mrs. Hodge beamed.
"I got Beatles For Sale and I chose 'I Don't Want To Spoil The Party.'" Callie lazily said.
Peter looked at her "Callie, you don't spoil the party. You are the party."
Callie smiled "Hush. Let me sleep." Callie dazed off once more.

"Nice song! Peter?" Mrs. Hodge asked Peter.
We had picked a song yesterday while Callie was getting ready. I think it fit his situation to a 'T.'
"I got Abbey Road and I picked 'Oh! Darling'" Peter explained.
Callie mindlessly giggled.
"Good luck singing that one!" Mrs. Hodge joked.
"Thanks, I'll need it." Peter laughed along.

"Well, that's all I wanted to know from you all. You can go back home and sleep, but remember Tuesday is the day you perform your song for the Chorus!" Mrs. Hodge said.
Everyone grabbed their stuff and peeled out of there.

"BYE MRS. HODGE! SEE YOU ON MONDAY!" I yelled then ran home to the comfort of my bed.


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  1. lol! How dare mrs. Hodge get me up THAT EARLY! LOL
    and yes, Yes he did basically say he loved you! awww!