Thursday, December 30, 2010


"RUN!" Marisol yelled.

Callie, Cindie, my new sister Felicity, and Jess all bolted to stop a taxi man.

While Marisol, Julia, and Sonali all waddled out of the train station with all of our bags.

"Thank-you!" I smiled to the taxi driver, then walked back to the trunk to put in all of our stuff.

We flew into Colorado and were headed to The Rockies Resort.
That's where the Chorus got booked to sing at a New Years Eve Party for one of Mrs. Hodge's friends.

"When are Lizzie, Rebecca, and Julie flying in?" Julia asked, pushing in one of Becca's MASSIVE sparkly pink suitcases.

"Later today." Felicity explained, helping Julia.

[Yesterday all of this happened.]

"No," Marisol started, pointing to three girls running out of the train station.

"BECCA BUG!" Rebecca screamed
"BECKSTER!" Becca yelled, crashing into Rebecca and hugging her tight.

Rebecca and Becca are twin sisters, they look almost EXACTLY alike.
The only way you can tell them apart, is by how they dress.

EVERYTHING Becca owns is covered in rhinestones.
While Rebecca has a bit of an obsession with designer clothes.

I turned my head to see Julie and Julia running towards each other as if they haven't seen each other in 23 years.

"JULES!" Julia cried, hugging Julie.
"J-BUG!" Julie yelled, returning the hug.

Now with Julia and Julie, you can tell which one is which because of the fact that Julie now has braces, and Julia doesn't.

I turned to a certain blond-haired, blue-eyed girl running towards me and attacking me with a bear hug.
"LIZ!" I beamed.
"PRU!" Elizabeth yelled.

Now Elizabeth and I aren't twins, but she's my best friend. No doubt about tha-

"LIZZIE!" Felicity screamed, running towards Elizabeth.


"LISSIE!" Liz beamed, then caught Felicity in a hug.


"Come on, Prudence" Charity's soft voice called out.
I smiled, but Charity's odd resemblance to Abbey kind of stood in the way of our friendship blossoming.

New Year, New Friends, Prudence.
My mind seemed to whisper.

"LET'S GET TO THE RESORT!" Marisol called out then we all raced into the huge limo-sized taxi.

Tonight is the night we perform, I'll tell you all how it goes tomorrow!


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  1. Hey this is Julie on Lizzie's account! lol I was to Lazy to sign into my own! Hahaha ANYWAYS, I was so happy to FINALLY arrive in Chicago! The Flight seemed like it took FOREVER! Lol I laughed my guts out when I read the thing you said about Rebecca having an obsession with designer clothes! HAHAHA! It's soo TRUE! Aaannnd, Dont worry Elizabeth is STILL your best friend but I guess she's still shocked about the whole seeing Felicity thing, Trust me the shock will go away and then it will be back to normal! Rebecca; HOPEFULLY!
    Me; Shut up Rebecca!
    Then Rebecca storms off. Hahaha!

    ~Julie (On Lizzie's acount XD)