Friday, December 3, 2010


"Goodbye class!" Mrs. Hodge smiled and sent us on our way to find songs on Wednesday.

I was speed-walking to the door when I was alarmed by a
"PRU! WAIT UP!" I turned and saw, gasp, Peter.


"Peter?" I stopped dead in my tracks,

he had come back from being sick, but you could still see a bit of flush in his face.

"I need your help." Peter said.
"With?" I asked, shell shocked, he NEVER talks to me.
"Picking a song."
"What? Your like king of the Beatle People." I pointed out.
"True, but I NEED a song that expresses my feelings." He nodded.

You and me both, kid.

"Oh! Okay, well what are your feelings?" I asked.
"Well, uhm, I like this girl..... a lot, but she's been hurt a lot in her past, and I just want to show her that I am here for her, and that if WE, that's her and I, ever got together, I wouldn't hurt her." He explained.

I nodded, I was kind of excited, I mean, Callie has been hurt a lot in her lifetime.
Maybe, for the first time, my sister was actually having a crush that was crushing back?

Score one for Callie.

"Oh okay, well I will look for a song and tell you when you come over on Saturday." I informed, Callie and Peter ALWAYS go to the mall on Saturdays, it's a ritual, if you will.

"Thanks, Prudence. I owe you one, oh and" He pulled me close.
"Don't tell Callie." He whispered.

Oh, he DEFINITELY is crazy for Callie.


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  1. Ohh La la! I smell Romance for Callie amd Peter! :)