Monday, July 12, 2010

It's Alright

*Curtains fall*

Prudence Farrow
McKenna Walters
Alison Scarlet

Here we go!!!

[Before we start I'd like to point out that Scarlet is Sonny's MIDDLE name and not her last name, she wishes at this time to keep her last name a secret and off the Internet]

We made it into the party, dressed as Elizabeth (Kenna) Julie (Myself) and Rebbecca (Sonny). Sonny/Becki went up to get some punch. Then Ivy came up to Kenna and I and asked if that was THE Rebbecca, we looked at who she was pointing at and it was SONNY. Ivy said that Rebbecca was the BEST singer in the whole American Girl Place! Too bad Sonny couldn't sing.

-With Sonny/Beckie and Ivy-
Ivy; REBBECCA! YOU ARE AMAZING, I MUST have your autograph!
Sonny; Okay sure -signs autographs-
-The Kaya throwing the party walks up-
Kaya; Miss. Rubin?
Sonny; -in a trance then realizes that Kaya is talking to her- Oh! Uh, Yes?
Kaya; Could you please just sing one little song for everyone?
Sonny; -flashes back-

Her and Kenna are in the fifth grade, Sonny is wearing a baby blue dress and singing and Kenna is wearing a white and pink baby doll tee and jeans. They start singing 'I Want To Hold Your Hand' and Sonny is quite aware of how she sounds, she has laryngitis, but didn't want to tell Kenna because Kenna was really excited for the talent show, by the end of the song, Animal Control was there, and Sonny and Kenna would laugh about it for years to come.

~End Of Flashback~
Kaya; So will you? Please?
Sonny; *thinking* well, I don't suspect that I have laryngitis, so. *end of thought* Sure!

-Kenna and Me-
Me; What is she talking to Kaya for?
Kenna; She didn't
-Sonny runs over-
Me; -whispers- she did.
Kenna and Me; What?
Sonny; I'm Going to sing again!!!
Kenna; -fake enthusiasm, remember, she thinks Sonny can't sing- Yay.
Me; That's Great So- I mean Beckie -fake laughs, causing dolls around to stare-
Sonny; What should I sing?
Me; What's your favorite song?
Kenna and Sonny; -in unison- "Here Comes The Sun"
Me; OH! Is that why we call you Sonny?
Sonny; Yups, Kenna can you play guitar for me?
Kenna; Sure! Pru can you have someone go get me a guitar.
Me; On it! -Runs to go get the guitar-
Kenna; Oh wait Pru!!
Me; -turns around- yeah?
Kenna; Can you Play?
Me; Guitar, yeah.
Kenna; Then get one for yourself too -smiles-
Me; Thank you! -smiles back and then runs to the guitars-
Sonny; Kennie, can I tell you something.
Kenna; Sure, what's buggin' ya?
Sonny; Remember back in 5th Grade when we were in the talent show, well I don't stink at singing, it's just, I got laryngitis then, and I was going to tell you but I didn't want to let you down.
Kenna; Aw Son! -hugs her- Well now we get a chance to make it up and finally play a groovy performance, right?
Sonny; Right as always.
Me; -Runs back with two guitars- Back!
Kenna and Sonny; Whoa that was fast.
Me; Thanks -smiles- Are you ready to ROCK!

-On Stage-
Ivy; Ladies and Gentle-Dolls, American Girls, greet the one, the ONLY -sees Sonny and realizes it's her- Alison Scarlett and the Stars.
Crowd; -gasp!-
Sonny; -shout whispering- WHAT DID SHE JUST ANNOUNCE US AS?!
Me; I don't know, but let's get out there and show those dolls what were made of.
-we all walk out-
-slight applause-
Sonny; *in her Sonny-ish charm* I would like to thank the whole 7 people for clapping, give 'em a hand!
Crowd: -laughs and claps louder than before-
Me; Hey Son, now were up to 14. Anyways, this is a song that we didn't write, but we were inspired by.
Kenna; 1,2,3,4.
We played the opening guitar riff and Sonny opened that musical mouth of hers.
Sonny; Here comes the sun, do do do do, Here Comes The Sun, and I say, It's alright.\
we played, and I am pretty sure I saw some dolls crying, others singing along, and one doll, was even acting like she was playing along.
We finally got to the end of the song,
Sonny; It's alright.
Me; -my last part-
Kenna; -her last part-


We all got up and bowed.

[if you haven't ever heard of the song, Here comes the sun, get yer booty on YouTube and listen ;)]

After then, we happily left the party, and we went back into our boxes, it was a great night.

All I can say is;

It's Alright.


^^Did you Like the story? I hope so, tell me your final thoughts on this ending half of it, then your thoughts on the whole thing!
I'll be waiting to read ALL your comments :)


  1. I loved it! It was so cute! I hope you make another one!

  2. I really like that song. :) I love singing too. Keep posting your awesomeness!!