Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Greetings and Past Meetings

Earlier today, Sonny, Kenna and I went out to walk around in the mall, we went to Starbucks and got some coffee [Dolls+Coffee=RUN FOR YOU LIVES!]

Then I wondered if I had ever told them about me leaving.

Me; You guys know, I get adopted on July 28, right?
-Kenna and Sonny both stop right in their tracks-
Sonny; -imitating Gary Coleman- What you talking about Prudence?
Me; I get to go home.
Kenna; You'll come back, right?
Me; *feeling tears start to form* no.
Sonny; What? No! You can't go your like, my sister!
Kenna; Mine as well!! Don't leave me with Sonny! -whispers- I'll lose my mind and end up in jail.
Sonny; -singsongy- I heard that
Kenna; -Mocking her- You were supposed to.
Me; *actual tears falling* I never thought leaving would be this hard, I mean, You two have become the closest thing I've had to best friends that since I was with Abbey.
Sonny; Who is this Abbey chick you keep talking about?
Me; -sighs- Do you want me to tell you the whole story?
Sonny; *sarcastic* no, I want you to tell me why the chicken crossed the road *normal* Of course I want to hear the whole story!
Me; Okay. Well I remember it was back in the 2nd grade, I had just moved into Massachusetts, and it was the first day of school, I was terrified. I remember running and asking my mom if I could go to work with her and she replied "No, Dear, you can't, if you don't try, how can you ever make friends?" My eight-year-old mindset hated when she was right "Fine" I said, glumly. "I love you Prudence!" she said and hugged and kissed my cheek "Have a great day at school" she said and walked away. "I love you mommy" I called out to her, "I love you more" she said, and with that she was gone and left me to fend for myself in the crazy jungle that is elementary school.
Kenna; Wow,
Sonny; Let her finish Ken!
Kenna; Okay, continue please.
Me; Okay, well I walked into the classroom and everyone immediately turned to me, including a green-eyed blond with the most curls I had ever seen in my life.
Sonny; Abbey?
Me; Yup, no one let me sit by them,
except her,
she said "You can sit by me, if you want" with a smile. I gladly took the seat "Thank you, I'm Prudence." I said. "Hi Prudence, My name is Abigail, but you can call me Abbey, with an 'e' before the 'y'" she said. "Hi Abbey!" I said back. "Where are you from Pru?" she asked, no one had ever called me 'Pru' before, it was always, Prudence or Prudy. "I am from Florida, my daddy got his job moved here." I said, part of me wishing I was back with all my friends in sunny Florida. "Oh, well welcome to Massachusetts!" she said with a smile, I noticed she had all of her permanent teeth in, which might not seem like much, but when your 8, it's the height of cool, well that and having the 64 pack of crayons.
Sonny; Cool!
Me; Thanks, well we've been best friends since then, we've gone through friends, crushes, and we've even discovered the Beatles! [Whoa, I realized nearly ALL my posts have something to do with them. Cool!]
Kenna; Awesome! So I bet you can't wait to see her again, huh?
Me; Oh I can't! Can you two keep a secret?
-both of them- Yes!!!
Me; I have a blog and we share it, She has 8 sisters! I will be the tenth girl in her family!!!!! I can't wait!!
Kenna; wow, TEN sisters, do you think maybe one day, it could be 12? -smiles-
Sonny; I see where your going with this Kenna, but yeah I mean it sounds like we would get along with them!
Me; Hm.. maybe, I'll ask Abbey about that tonight when I blog.
-Clock dings, ELEVEN times-
Sonny; Oh No!! It's eleven, the doors are going to close, we better get going.
Me; Okay yeah. Let's go.
Kenna; but seriously, don't forget to ask her.
Me; I won't.

With that, we dashed for the AG place.

So instead of asking JUST Abbey, I'll ask my super awesome followers and Abbey...

By what you've read about Sonny and Kenna, do you think they'd enjoy my [future] families' company?
If you need to hear more about Abbey's family than just her posts, click on "A Blog in The Life Of Marisol" and "Completely Chrissa"

^Sorry didn't realize I just advertised, but read the posts so you can get a good background check on the 'Randomly Retro' Girls, as they are called, before commenting.



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  1. I think that Kenna and Sonny would do GREAT with your mcawesome family!

    Also, LOVE the new BG and layout!

    Vivre, Rire, Amour,
    Ali Brigitte