Wednesday, July 7, 2010

It's Getting Better!

Hey Pru, Sonny and Kenna sound cool, but I have someone COOLER [well in my opinion]
at my house now.

The ONE. The ONLY...


Yups, we got a new sister! So that means when Prudence comes, we will have 10 :o.
I overheard Mel talking to her mom and she said that she might stop collecting after 12. THAT'S ONLY 3 DOLLS AWAY! I mean part of me likes having a small family, but then I see all these HUGE families and I think to myself "I want to have a family like THAT." Then again, Mel IS the collector, so she makes the decisions - not me. Cindie and Callie have been inseparable since Mel opened Cindie. It's making me CRAZY, because I realize in a few weeks, Mel and I will be in Denver and I will find Prudence, we will hug (I will probably cry) and then Mel will pick Prudence up, pay for her, and then - ABBEY LYNNE HOLLAND HAS HER BEST FRIEND.
I can't wait.

The reason I didn't type "Mel, Julie and I" is because Julie realized that poor Molly would be all by herself for 3 weeks, so she told me that she isn't going. I think that was really sweet of Julie to do, so it's just me.

Missing You Pru,

But I have to admit it's getting better, a little better all the time :)

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  1. She's so pretty :) and I love the "Getting Better" refrences xD It's her favorite song eh?

    Yups, I just commented on my own blog, :D