Friday, January 7, 2011


-FIFTY POSTS? THANK YOU ALL! If it weren't for you, I would have stopped after 5-

We all ran around to get into position.

Tomorrow was the most important day of any of our doll-lives.
Tomorrow is Melanie's birthday.

In a way, it's our Thanksgiving.
We show Melanie just how important she is to all of us.

Trust me, she is VERY important to us. Especially me.

While running around in a frenzy, I bumped into Marisol.

"Oops! Sorry Mare." I apologized.
"Prudence, I need to tell you something" Marisol sighed.
"What?" I asked.
"Well," She started, pulling me into a corner.
"At school, on Friday, Charity kind of......" She trailed off.


"What?" I was growing impatient.
"CharitythreatnedLiz" Marisol said quickly.
"Can you say that again, in ENGLISH please." I muttered.
"Your mejor amiga, Charity, threatened your ex-mejor amiga, Elizabeth" Marisol sighed.

Even though she used Spanish in there, I understood clearly.

I ran out of the room and busted into Charity's room.

She came out of her walk-in closet in a sparkly silver sleeveless dress.
"How do I look?" She asked.
"Like a disco ball" I joked.
She gave me a look.
"A very fabulous disco ball" I corrected.
She nodded.
"What did you need?" She asked, her hazel eyes twinkling.

"What did you say to Liz? How did you threaten her?" I asked.
Her face fell.
"Oh, you heard about that?" She asked.
I nodded.
"I told her.......things" She stuttered.
"Like what?" I asked.
"Like how I kinda convinced you that Felicity was taking Liz away from you." She looked down.
"WHAT?" I yelled.
"It's all my fault. This whole fight. I need to go" Charity blinked back tears and ran into her closet again.

My head swam.

The only question on my mind was;

"Charity, I'm not really mad. I just need to know why" I sighed.
She came out of her closet again, with a box on tissues and Mascara running down her face.
"I told her that because I thought that you would leave me for Elizabeth, like you left me for Abbey. I know how the Abbey situation ended up, and I thought that Elizabeth would end the same way." She confessed.
I grabbed a tissue and wiped off her make-up.
"Charity, thank you for looking out for me, but I can do that by myself." I re-assured.
She nodded.
"I just saw how all of Liz's friends treated you and I didn't like it. I knew that I had to do something. On top of it all, who let it happen?" Charity asked.
"Liz" I sighed.

There were a few minutes of silence.
"Charity, I'm not mad at you. I'm just mad at this whole situation." I sighed.
"I hope it all works out for the best" Charity sighed.

I got a plan.
"It will. You go re-do your make-up and I will....." I stopped, looking at my outfit.

I was still in my light blue cloud PJ's.

"Go get dressed?" Charity offered.
"Yeah!" I giggled.

I ran to my room and busted into my closet. I looked through all of my outfits.

"It has to be here, It HAS too!" I exclaimed.

"YES!" I exclaimed, pulling out my Beyonce outfit from the first week of Chorus.

Memories, Memories, MEMORIES.

I changed into it and put on my light purple Pea Coat and Charity put on her Lime Green Aeropostale hoodie and we busted out of the door and ran to a very important household.


I knocked on the door.
"Who is it?" A voice asked.
"Open and find out" I hid my voice. The original voice sounded like Rebecca, and GOD KNOWS how mad she was at me.
She opened the door, noticed me and went to shut it.
"NO!" I exclaimed, propping the door open with my foot.
"Why in the name of Chanel should I let either of you in my house?" She growled.
"Because we're here to apologize to one Miss Elizabeth Justine Cole" Charity used her 'Southern-Charm-ish' voice.

Rebecca seemed to consider it.
"JUST LET THEM IN!" Julie yelled.

I always did love Julie.

"Come on in." Rebecca's normal smile re-appeared.
"Thank-you" Charity and I replied in unison.
We entered the house. I waved to Julie and Charity said 'hi.' Then we went up the stairs and walked to Elizabeth's door.

I knocked on it.
"Good Luck" Charity said, then began to walk away.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!" I warned.
"What did I do?" Charity asked.
"Dude, did you SERIOUSLY just ask that." I rolled my eyes.
"Fine." Charity pouted.

I knocked on the door once again.
"Rebecca, I already told you. I don't want to go shopping with y-" Elizabeth sighed, then opened the door and stopped mid-sentence.

"Prudence?" She asked.

"I wanted to s-" I was cut off by Charity giving me a nudge.
"We wanted to say that we were sorry." I corrected.

"B-" She started, I put up a hand, to tell her to 'hush.'

"I wanted to tell you how sorry I am for threatening you. I had no right to do that, I just didn't want to see Prudence get hurt again. Now I know not to fight her battles, though" Charity flashed me a smile, then grinned at Elizabeth.

"I guess it's okay, Charity. You were just helping out a friend, I understand." Elizabeth smiled.

"CHARITY!" Julie screamed.
"Yes?" Charity yelled down.
"Sure!" Charity smiled.
"Bye Elizabeth, thank you for accepting my apology. I PROMISE I won't ever lock you in a closet again." Charity smiled, then walked downstairs to help Julie.

Elizabeth smiled in Charity's direction, then turned to me.
"And you?" She asked.

"I want to be your friend again. I know I am the one who got us into this whole mess because of my stupidity. I just wanted to get a fresh start, but little did I know, that fresh start HAD to include you. I'm soooooooooo sorry" I apologized.

She looked at me.

"But I don't expect you to accept my apolo-" I was cut off by a hug.


"I accept your apology. I'm sorry that everyone was so mean to you! I gave them a piece of my mind." Elizabeth re-assured.

"Ahh it's okay. I could care less about them, I was just sad that I didn't have my bestest friend at my side." I smiled.

"What about Felicity and Charity?" Elizabeth asked.

"Well, sooner or later, someone will come along that is PERFECT for Lissie. And Charity..." I trailed off, I wanted to say Charity could be like our third amiga, but I didn't know how Elizabeth would take it.

"Can be the third amiga" Elizabeth finished.

I let out a relieved sigh.

"So it's now Prulizarity?" I asked.
She let out a huge laugh, which I joined.

When we were done, she smiled.

"Yes, Prulizarity." She said.

"What in the name of Glee are you wearing?" She asked, using one of our sayings.

I showed her my Beyonce outfit.

"The Gaga/Beyonce outfit? Ohmygosh!" Elizabeth smiled.

I nodded.

"So what are you doing at home?" Liz asked.
"We're planning for Mel's birthday party." I smiled.
"Oh! Of course! What time do you want us to be over?" She asked.
"About 3:30" I smiled.
"Awesome!" Elizabeth smiled.

It felt SO GOOD to have my best friend back <3

All is right with the world <3



  1. OMG YAY! I'm SOOO HAPPY that you and Elizabeth are best friends again!! I was downstairs wondering what you and her were talking about! haha I'm soo nosey. Elizabeth was REALLY happy to become your best friend again! Oh and sorry I almost shut the door in your face! hehe :)
    Oh and tell Melanie I said "Happy Early Birthday!!" Elizabeth, Julie, and I will be at her B-day party tomorrow! Cant wait!


  2. Happy Fiftyeth Post Bestie! And I'm HAPPY were best friends again! The 3 amigas, Charity, Prudence and Elizabeth! hehe sounds awesome!

    BUT this Comment is for Sonali so make her read this! haha
    OMG THEY WALKED IN SMILING LIKE IDIOTS! haha Yay I made them smile like Idiots! And YEP EVERYONES HAPPY!! dont you just LOVE the Bracelets?? There adorable! :) Thanks I'm glad too(:


  3. YAY you and Elizabeth are friends again!