Friday, January 14, 2011


"Welcome back to Chorus, Prudence!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
I walked into the doors of the auditorium and was tempted to turn around, I thought everyone would act the same.

I looked around,

only Nathan, Ryan, Callie, Elizabeth, Chrissa, Matt, Jake, Charity, Keith, Molly and I were there.

"What happened?" I asked.
"Tyler, Peter, Jessica, and Casey quit." Charity sighed.
"We don't need them though." Ryan re-assured.
"They couldn't even sing" Callie muttered.

Molly, Charity, Elizabeth, and Jake chuckled, everyone else smiled.
"Am I still in Chorus, or did you all kick me out?" I asked, nervously.
"YES, YOU'RE IN CHORUS!" Everyone exclaimed.
"Good" I sighed, smiling.

Everyone got into their normal seats,
Callie, Chrissa, Matt, Jake, Elizabeth, Me, Nathan, Charity, Molly, Ryan, and Keith.

"Well, everyone. We have our first EVER competition, so there are a few things we need to go over. Song choices, themes, costumes, choreography, and a name." Mrs. Hodge listed.
"Well, Sonali and Mrs. Hudson can be in charge of costumes." Chrissa started.
"And Cindie, Ben, and the Band can help pick the music." Matt added.
"And McIntire and I" Keith started and Molly rolled her eyes "Can be in charge of the choreography." Keith finished.

"So that just leaves us with the themes, the songs, and the name." Mrs. Hodge stated.

"Whoa, whoa, WHOA! A Name?" Callie asked, shocked.
"Yup! Our Chorus needs a name!" Mrs. Hodge nodded.

"What are the themes?" Charity asked.

"Well, there are 3 different rounds. The first round's theme is 'Grease' and we already have Jake and Elizabeth singing 'You're The One That I Want.'" Mrs. Hodge smiled to Jake and Elizabeth.
"The second round's theme is 'Judge's Choice' and they are rumored to pick the theme as 'Country.'" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"OOOOOOH" Charity's eyes glistened.


"And the third one is themed 'Group Numbers' so all of you will be showcased in it." Mrs. Hodge finished.

We all nodded, then went to pick out songs.

we're coming :]



  1. lol This is Elizabeth on Rebecca's Blog (Cuz I'm to LAZZYY to go on my own! haha)
    It seems like Just yesterday that I tried out for Chorus! *Thinks about all the memories* haha
    And I was surprised to see that Tyler, Peter, Jessica, and Casey quit! lol especially Casey she LOVED Chorus! She probally quit because of Ryan...But we can WIN without them! :)


  2. I KNOW!!!! i cannot wait