Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Duets and Don't's

*VERY cheesy title, I know*

I practically skipped to Chorus.

I was that happy today, for three reasons
(1) Today is the one year anniversary of our [as in me, my sisters and Melanie's] YouTube Channel! *blows a kazoo*
(2) Melanie said she won't get Annabelle until January. WOOOH!

So as you can see;
Happy Pru + Chorus = Skippy time.

I hummed a random tune as I walked through the auditorium doors and took my seat net to Nathan and Elizabeth.

"Hey, Liz!" I greeted.
"Hey Pru!" She smiled.

Before I could greet Nathan, Mrs. Hodge walked onto the stage.
"Hello everyone! So yesterday you all did your Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber songs and I told you that your next assignment was duets. Well, guess what this is!" She nearly sang while waving a notebook up.

"THE DUET PARTNERS!" Callie exclaimed.
"Correct! Okay well here it goes!" Mrs. Hodge announced.

I was confident, of COURSE Nathan and I would be partnered up!
Wouldn't we?

"First couple; Jake and Elizabeth!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
Elizabeth and Jake smiled at each other, while I knew that Elizabeth was just bubbling with happiness inside.

"Second couple; Callie and Peter!" Mrs. Hodge continued.
Callie and Peter hugged, hey they're best friends! They are entitled to do that!

"Third couple; Molly and Keith!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"WHAT?!" Molly automatically stood up and yelled in protest.
"Oh, LET IT GO, Molly. It's obvious you like him!" Callie teased.
Molly rolled her eyes and sat down.

"Fourth couple; Casey and Ryan!" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
Casey blushed furiously and Ryan smiled a bit.

"Fifth couple; Nathan and Jessica!" Mrs. Hodge announced.


"WHAT?!" I yelled as I stood up. "B-b-but that leaves me with.."

"Sixth couple; Prudence and Tyler" Mrs. Hodge finished.

Jessica raised her hand
"Mrs. Hodge, Tyler is suspended and Keith went home with the stomach flu."

"Oh." Mrs. Hodge said, scanning her list.

"Then Molly and Prudence, you two are partners. GET TO WORK!" Mrs. Hodge smiled as we all went with our partners.

I sat down by Molly. "So what song should we sing?" I asked.
"Hmm..." She wondered.
"Huh...." I said.
"I GOT IT!" She exclaimed.
"You know that Tina Turner song, 'Deep, Mountain High?'" She smiled.
I nodded "Yeah, Mercedes and Santana sang it on Glee about three weeks ago."
"Well, WE are going to sing it!" She explained.
"Awesome!" I smiled.
"I can sing Mercedes' parts, because I have the stronger voice." She announced.

No use arguing with a superstar.

"And you can sing Santana's part." She smiled.
"Awesome!" I smiled and then we began to go over our choreography.
During Molly's lecture on 'pointing your toes while kicking', I tuned her out and tuned IN Callie and Peter. I never noticed this before, but they would look REALLY cute together.

He's tall, she's short.
He has green eyes, she has blue eyes.
He can be shy, Callie? Shy? Never!

They are so different from each other, but hey, opposites attract right?

"What song should we sing?" Callie asked.
"I don't know." Peter shrugged.
"TO THE IPOD!" Callie exclaimed and ran to her backpack, picked up her purple iPod nano and ran over to Peter.
"Oh, Cals, you always have your iPod make the decisions for you." Peter teased.
Callie smiled and shuffled it.
"Hmm, 'Dear Prudence?' Nah, we better save that for Nathan and Pru." Callie smiled.

Shuffle again.

"'While My Guitar Gently Weeps'? Nah, I mean I love that song. But that's one part." Peter said while observing the screen.

Callie put the iPod down and exclaimed "I HAVE THE PERFECT SONG!"
"Tell me!" Peter pleaded.
She whispered it into his ear and he smiled.
"YES, but don't you think that's a little to 'lovey' for best friend to sing?" He asked.
"Well, it's called acting and we will act AMAZINGLY, just you see kiddo." She assured and played with his hair.

I smiled.
"How CUTE are they?" someone asked, snapping me back to reality.
I turned to see Molly looking over at Peter and Callie.
"Yeah." I said.
"Well, we better get going on our choreography! We need to have this down by Monday!" Molly exclaimed while helping me up.

But I couldn't keep my mind off of Callie and Peter OR whatever evil plan Jessica had in store.

Tomorrow's gonna be............ something.


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  1. lol! Great Song to choose! I love it! lol
    When I found out that I was partners with Jake I was bubbly inside. but I hated how everyone just stared at us when they said our names! lol