Monday, November 8, 2010

Good Days, Bad Nights

I threw my violet book bag down on my bed.
Today was a good day at school, Elizabeth is such a sweetheart and I finished all of my work in school.

Then came the phone call.

My cell phone went off, singing Glee's version of "Don't Stop Believin'"
I danced to my cell and picked up the phone
A sugary-sweet voice was on the other line;
"Prudence Farrow?"
I looked at the screen, I didn't recognize the number.
"Who wants to know?"

There was a pause.

"Annabelle Martin. I might become your new sister."

Then everything went black.



  1. wow! I wonder how thats going to turn out! You shouldnt worry about it. Annabelle will probally be a real nice sister!


  2. Okay cool! Becca wants to know what resturant you want to go to? lol