Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sudden Hatred


Gotcha! I knew :]

It used to be Marisol and Jess' blog, but Mari and Jess have been too busy to blog, so they decided [with the help of one of their followers] to give the blog to Sonny and Kenna.

I called them and asked them if they wanted it to happen, here is how it went;

"Hello?" Sonny asked.
"SONNY! HEY THERE!" I exclaimed.
"Pru? HEY!" She yelled.
"Can you get Kenna, but stay on the phone, like put it on speaker." I asked.
"Okay........ MCKENNA BETH WALTERS!" Sonny screamed.
I had to cover my ears, Sonny is loud.
"I'm here okay. Hey Pru! What did you need to ask?" Kenna's much softer voice asked.
"Well, you know Marisol and Jess, my sisters, right?" I asked.
"Yes." They replied.
"And you know how they have a blog right?" I questioned.
"Yes" They said, probably knowing what I was going to ask.
"Well, they aren't going to write on it anymore, so do you two want to have it?" I asked.
"YES!" They both yelled, and I heard Sonny start dancing then fall and hit the ground.
"I'm okay" Sonny replied.
"Sonny? What happened?" I heard someone ask.
"Nothing much, Annie, I just....fell." Sonny said.
"Oh," Annabelle said.
I cringed, at first I didn't mind Annabelle, but now everything about her was annoying.
Just then Marisol saved me by yelling;
I blushed furiously
Sonny obviously heard because she said "Boyfriend?"
I said "Yeah"
"Next time we talk, you're giving us all of the details." Kenna laughed.
"I sure will, bye!" I said,
"Bye Pru!" Kenna called.
"Bye-Bye Prudy!" Sonny sang.
"Goodbye Pr-" Annabelle said, but I hang up the phone before she could finish.

"Ugh, and to think SHE might be the next doll that comes to my family" I sighed, then realized what I said and slapped myself before going down to see Nathan.

Why did I all of a sudden hate Annabelle? She had never done anything wrong?


oh and here's the link to Sonny and Kenna's blog;


  1. Hmmm....Well I think you might be hating Annabelle because In your mind , You might not know it yet, But you think that she's taking your old friends away from you and is replacing you I guess. But I dont think that could ever happen! lol


  2. hey! Rebecca wants me to ask you if you and nathan would like to go out to eat with Rebecca and Jeff Tomarrow?