Friday, November 12, 2010


"LADY GAGA?!" Callie exclaimed when we got home from Chorus, Mrs. Hodge gave us our first assignment which was Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, so needless to say, Callie wasn't very happy.
"What's wrong?" I questioned.
She turned to me and said "I don't know a SINGLE song from her."

Oh no.

"B-but you're singing Monster!" I exclaimed.
"Oh Pru, who am I kidding? Elizabeth was listening to that song and I just decided 'hey let's sing THAT song.'"
She then bolted to her room and yelled

whoa, whoa, TYLER?!

"Aww poor Cals." Molly sighed while walking to the door.
"Where you going?" I wondered.
"To go get my Gaga costume, get Callie." She ordered then grabbed her black and grey purse.

I went to Callie's room and knocked on the door;
"Cal, you in here?" I asked, searching for my sister.
"Yeah." She sniffled and was standing in her closet.
"You need a Gaga costume?" I wondered.

We arrived at Magic Costume Shoppe about 15 minutes later.
Molly smiled at the sight of the shoppe and ran inside, while her cousin had to be dragged.
"NO NO NO NO!" Callie furiously yelled.
"YES!" I replied and pushed her in the shoppe.
"Whoa." We gushed in unison.

Thousands and thousands of costumes were on every wall.
Some were sparkly, some were bright, others were colorful
and they ALL were amazing.

We went to Molly, who was perusing an area that was called "Famous"
"Have you seen any Gaga costumes?" I asked.
"OH MY GOSH, LOOK!" Molly exclaimed pulling out a costume that looked like;

"I'll take that as a yes." I mumbled.
"This is SO my Poker Face Costume." She exclaimed looking at the sparkly ensemble.
"Well, we won't find one for m-" Callie was cut off as I threw a costume at her that looked like;

"No." Callie immediatley commented as soon as she got a glance of the outfit.
"Yes." I said "It even comes with the wig like Molly's!"
"Fine." Callie slumped off.

"Now I need a Beyonce costume." I said to no one in particular.
"Well, let's find one!" Molly exclaimed and we began our search for my Telephone costume.
I'm singing Beyonce's part of Telephone and my friend Elizabeth is going to be Lady Gaga.
"I hope Lizzie's having better luck looking for a Gaga costume." I sighed.
"No, I'm not." A very familiar voice said.
I looked up and there was Elizabeth.
"Hey!" I exclaimed
"Hi!" She replied and we hugged.
When we pulled away she asked "I looked around the WHOLE store, I can't find ANYTHING."
We both sighed, then I got an idea.

"SONALI!" I exclaimed.
"huh?" Callie, Molly, and Elizabeth were obviously confused.
"Sonali can make our Gaga and Beyonce outfits, Lizzie!" I explained.
"Ooooh!" They all replied.
"Callie and I will go buy the costumes, you go home and ask Nali." Molly ordered and we went our separate ways.

"I think we should practice the song." Elizabeth offered.
"Yeah! SING LIZZIE GAGA SING!" I exclaimed.
She did what I said;
"Hello, Hello, Baby. You called I can't hear a thing.
I have got no service in the club you see see.
Wha-Wha-What did you say, are you breakin' up on me?
Sorry I cannot hear you;
I'm kinda busy. K-kinda busy. K-Kinda busy, sorry I cannot hear you.
I'm kinda busy."

She sang flawlessly then took a breath and began it again.

"Just a second it's my favorite song they're gonna play. And I cannot text you with a drink in my hand, eh.
You shoulda made some plans with me, you knew that I was free.
And now you won't stop callin' me.
I'm Kinda busy."

"Stop Callin'! Stop Callin'! I don't wanna think anymore.
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor!
Stop Callin' Stop Callin'! I don't wanna talk anymore,
I got my head and my heart on the dance floor!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh
Stop telephonin' me-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh-eh!
I'm busy!
Eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh!
Stop telephonin' me
eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh.

Can call all you want, but there's no one home and you're not gonna reach my telephone.
I'm out in the club and I'm sippin' that bubb, and you're not gonna reach my telephone.
Call when you want but there's no one home and you're not gonna reach my telephone.
Out in the club and I'm sippin' that bubb and you're not gonna reach my telephone." She sang perfectly and danced.

I opened my mouth and rapped/sang;
"Boy the way you blowin' up my phone
won't make me leave no faster.
Put my coat on faster,
leave my girls no faster." We locked arms.
"I shoulda left my phone at home, 'cause this is a disaster!
Callin' like a collect er, sorry I cannot answer." I sang.

"Not that I don't like you, I'm just at a party,
and I am sick and tired of my phone r-ring-ing."
She sang.

"Sometimes I feel like I live in Grand Central Station.
Tonight I'm not takin' no calls 'cause I'll be dancin!"
I sang and danced around.

"'Cause I'll be dancin'
'Cause I'll be dancin'" We harmonized.

"Tonight I'm not taking no calls 'cause I'll be danc- STOP!" We both yelled as two figures sprang up from behind a bush and sprayed us with water guns.

"Gosh, it's FREEZING out!" Elizabeth shivered.
"Who did that?" I asked, furiously.

Out of the shadows, came none other than, Nathan and Jake.
"REALLY?!" I screamed.
"Now, Peach. Calm down." He advised.
"Calm down? CALM DOWN?! HOW CAN I CALM DOWN?! I WAS JUST SPRAYED BY MY BOYFRIEND IN 50 DEGREE WEATHER. WHAT ARE YOU? SEVEN?!" I yelled then ran inside my house with Elizabeth following close behind.

Sonali made our costumes which look like;


Elizabeth was squealing with joy, while I was seething with rage.

What caused Nathan to do that?
Why did he do it?

Those questions buzzed in my head, and on Monday I will answer them.



  1. :O nathan is a total BUTTWITCH for doing that.


  2. omg! Tell Sonali I said THANK YOU!! The costumes are Beautiful! lol.
    And I dont know what was up with Freeking Nathan and Jake! I was practicing singing the grease song me and Jake had to do with him and he acted all sweet! and then a couple hours later he sprays us with freaking WATER! IN 50 DEGREE WEATHER! How annoying! I cant wait to find out why they did that to us!