Monday, November 29, 2010

Picking and Celebrating

After a whole day of learning practically nothing, I desperately needed chorus.

As the bell rang, I ran out of the Art Room, dropped my stuff off at my locker, and bolted to the choir room.

As soon as I bolted in the door, I realized something.

I didn't have a song.

I was too caught up with the Thanksgiving preparations to get a song!
And the assignment is THE BEATLES for crying out loud!

I was probably the ONLY one who didn't have a song, so I slumped to my usual seat and expected the worst.

After everyone piled in the room, Mrs. Hodge, in her normal smiley manner, walked to the front.

"Hello everyone! I hope you had a great Thanksgiving." She smiled.
There was a few "Hey Mrs. H's" but nothing else.

Everyone seemed so solemn.

I expected to hear SOMETHING from Callie, considering she's usually a bowl of sunshine, but she was sad and wearing black.


I whispered to Callie, "Cals, why are you wearing black?"
She looked at me and whispered, "Because, nine years ago today, something tragic happened." And she left it at that.

I skimmed my mind to think of why, then I had it!
George Harrison, the guitarist of The Beatles, died 9 years ago today, and Callie, being Callie, acted as if it was a loss of a family member.

The Beatles, I thought in my mind, what could be a good song to sing by the-

My mind was cut off by Mrs. Hodge asking;
"So everyone, what are your songs?"

We all just looked at each other.
That caused me to have a huge relief, no one else had a song either!

"No one has a song?"

We all just shook our heads.
"We were all just stuck in Thanksgiving madness." Casey sighed.

It looked as if a LOT happened to the chorus kids over Thanksgiving Break.

Mrs. Hodge gave a knowing smile "I thought so, which is why.." She said as she grabbed her light blue tote bag.
"I brought Beatles albums for you all to pick out."

Everyone looked so grateful. I knew I was!

"Magical Mystery Tour, here I come." Callie smiled as she strode up to get her favorite Beatle album.

"No no no Callie, you must pick through the bag without looking." Mrs. Hodge advised.
"Fine." Callie sighed, then put her arm into the bag and seemed to be shuffling things around.

Finally, she pulled out a CD that said "Beatles For Sale" on it.
She smiled. "YES! I have a PERFECT song now." Callie then nearly skipped back to her seat.

Casey was next, she stood up and walked to Mrs. Hodge. She then did the same as Callie, but this time pulling out a black and white CD entitled "Revolver."
Casey immediately beamed, "My favorite album! Thanks Mrs. Hodge." Casey then walked back and sat next to Elizabeth.

Ryan was next and pulled out a CD that had "Please Please Me" in yellow text on it.
"Awesome, thanks Mrs. H." He smiled then went and sat next to Casey.

I blurred out the rest of the picks but I remember who has what album;

Jake got Help!
Elizabeth got Magical Mystery Tour
Nathan got A Hard Day's Night
Molly got Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Keith got Let it Be,
and Tyler got Rubber Soul.
["WHAT?!" Callie screamed out, Rubber Soul is her other favorite Beatle album, even though she loves them all.]

Then it was my turn.
I slumped up to Mrs. Hodge and put my hand in the bag to search for a CD.
What I pulled out surprised me.
It was just a CD!

"What the...?" I asked in shock.
"Oh, you get the first part of The White Album." Mrs. Hodge smiled.
I smiled too, I L-O-V-E the White Album!
I went back to my seat and beamed.

Then Jessica went up and picked out the OTHER half of the White Album.
"Sweet, thanks Mrs. Hodge." Jessica smiled.

After everyone picked their album Mrs. Hodge smiled and said;
"And Peter will get Abbey Road if he comes back." Everyone nodded in agreement and we all started chatting about nothing in particular when Mrs. Hodge said;

"Does anyone have anything they'd like to sing?"
Callie's hand flew up.

"Yes, Callie?" Mrs. Hodge smiled.
"Well, you see. Today in 2001, George Harrison of The Beatles succumbed to cancer and he was Cindie's favorite Beatle." Callie pointed out then flashed a smile at Cindie.
"What?" Mrs. Hodge asked.
"Cindie wants to sing." Callie beamed.

Cindie was about to argue, but looked down at her all black outfit and purple flower in her hair, then looked at Callie who was wearing all black but with a purple jacket.
[Purple was his favorite color.]

"Okay." Cindie sighed then walked to center stage.
She motioned for me to come on stage with her.
"Yeah Cid?" I asked.
"What should I sing?" She asked.
"Sing whatever you feel is right for this moment right now." I smiled then went back to my seat.
Cindie seemed to be deep in thought, then she whispered something into Ben, the other composer of the choir's ear and he nodded then told all of the band.

A few seconds of silence passed.

Then came an AWESOME guitar intro. The kids whooped and hollered.
Then the horn section came in and I knew which song she chose.

"What Is Life." I smiled.

[listen to this song; it's FANTASTIC!]

"What I feel,
I can't say.
But my love is there for you anytime of day."
Cindie sang then hopped down off of the stage and danced to Callie.

"But if it's not love." Callie and Cindie harmonized.

"That you need, Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed." Cindie went solo then danced around while singing at the top of her lungs;

"Tell me.
What is my life, without your love?
Tell me
who am I, without you
by my side?" Callie and I jumped up on the piano and were dancing around.

"What I know,
I can do.
If I give my love now to everyone like you." Cindie sang and as the horns went up, Callie and I put our hands up higher and higher.

"But if it's not love,
that you need.
Then I'll try my best to make everything succeed."
Cindie beamed then joined Callie and I to sing;

"Tell me what is my life
without your love." Cindie sang then pulled Molly to join our dancing.

"Tell me who, am I.
Without you," Cindie sang, then pulled Elizabeth up as well.

Callie and I added the "Oooh-oooh's"

"by my side." Cindie spun around and sang.

Cindie pointed for me to jump off the piano and sing.
Which I gladly did.

"Tell me what is my life,
without you love." I made a heart out of my hands and winked at Nathan.

Elizabeth came up behind me and sang;
"Tell me who am I,
without you." She smiled at Jake.

"By my side." Callie and I chorused.

Then we all danced around a bit then stopped abruptly.

Callie slid down the middle of the stage, playing the same guitar riff that started the song.

Molly came out behind her and did a cartwheel across the stage, which caused us all to dance again. Then Molly ran to get the mic from Elizabeth.

"What I feel" Molly swayed from side to side.
"I can't say!" Everyone sang out, and I mean everyone. Even Mrs. Hodge!

"But my love is there for you anytime of day." Molly smiled, then tossed the mic back to Cindie who was dancing on the piano with Callie.

"But if it's not love
that you need,
then I'll try my best
to make everything succeed." Cindie sang then we all got ready to sing the chorus.

Molly ran to her bag and pulled out a picture of George, which Cindie ran to and pretty much sang too.

"Tell me what is my life,
without your songs.
Tell me who am I,
without you,
to help spread my wings and fly." Cindie changed the words up.

I felt so bad, I forgot all about today. Cindie's favorite man in the whole world died today, and I forgot.

I could have at least remembered to hug her.

Cindie never had a dad, her dad left her mom when Cindie was just a baby. So the only person she could look up to, oddly enough, was George.

Stupid me forgot! I feel so bad!

I ran up to her and sang with her.
"Oh Tell me
what is my life,
without your love"
She then smiled to me
"Tell me who am I
without you,
by my side." We locked arms.

Then we all danced around, Cindie spun me and I laughed insanely. Callie rocked out on guitar, Molly and Elizabeth were doing random dance moves.

Everything seemed so.. Happy.

After the song, Callie came up and sighed.
"George Harrison,
February 25th 1943 to November 29th 2001."

Then we all chorused.
"REST IN PEACE!" As if he could hear us,

and you know what?

I think he did.


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  1. That was soo fun!
    I felt soo sorry for Cindie! Julie told me this morning that Today was the day Goerge died! Julie was soo sad since the beatles is her FAVORITE band, Besides Journey of course! Today's Chorus was oen fo the BEST!