Monday, November 22, 2010

Costume Craziness

After school today, Elizabeth and Jake stopped by to pick up Elizabeth's costume for chorus;

Jake supposedly has a suit that has the same colour palate, so everything is good with their costumes.

"OHMYGOSH! I LOVE IT! THANKS SONALI!" Elizabeth limped over to hug Sonali.
"Thank-you, Sonali! It looks great!" Jake smiled.
"Your welcome! I hope next week I can help you with your assignment too!" Sonali smiled.
"Bye Prudence, Molly, Sonali, and Callie!" They said then left.
"BYE!" We all chorused.

"Kay, Cals. Here is your dress." Sonali announced after a few tweaks;

Callie's eyes went to the size of baseballs.
"Oh.My.God. That is so AMAZING!" She yelled as she jumped up and bolted to hug Sonali.
"You're the best! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I gotta go show Peter!" Callie said.
"NO!" Sonali warned.
"Because, it's pouring outside, and I don't want the dress to get ruined." Sonali explained.
"Oh okay. But thanks Sonali!" Callie thanked then ran to her room.

Then she turned to Molly and I,
"Okay girls, I have your dresses done. You just need to get them from Mrs. Hudson." Sonali smiled, Mrs. Hudson helps Sonali with the dresses.

Molly turned bright red
"Do we HAVE to go?" She asked.

Did I mention that Keith's last name was Hudson?

"Well, if you don't want to dance in front of the Chorus NAKED tomorrow, then yes, I suppose you do." Sonali retorted then pushed us out of the house.

"BUT" We both yelled in unison, but it was too late, we were out in the pouring rain

without an umbrella.

"We are going to DIE." Molly whined.
"Nope, the only thing that's going to die tonight is your pride." I teased.
"HEY, no use to make fun. YOUR just going to have to go into that house." Molly sighed.
"And leave you out in this weather?" I asked, then a huge flash of white tore across the sky.
"OKAY, I GET IT. I'LL GO. JUST PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME OUT WITH THE LIGHTNING!" Molly yelled then we bolted to the Hudson residence.

"THERE!" Molly yelled, pointing to a two-story brick house with all of the windows closed. We ran up the driveway and knocked on the door.

"HELLO?!" Molly yelled.
"Hello?" Keith answered the door.

It was hysterical, I was fighting back laughter.

"Oh, what do YOU want McIntire?" Keith sneered.
"Get your mom, Hudson." Molly retorted.
"MA! THERE'S A PEST HERE FOR YOU." Keith called to his mom.

A slim, red haired woman with glasses came running down the stairs
"Thank you, Keithy! NOW GET BACK TO BED!" She insisted in a soft voice.
"Fine." Keith mumbled then slumped off to his room.
"What can I help you girls with?" Mrs. Hudson asked.
"We need some dresses." I said.
"Oh, so you must be Sonali's sisters! The ones in the chorus?" She asked.
We nodded.
"Oh Lovely! My Keith is in the chorus and he LOVES it. He also loves this girl named M-" She was cut off by Keith yelling

If it wasn't pouring outside, I could have sworn I saw Molly blushing.

"Well, here are your dresses! Lovely design and I am very proud of how they turned out." She smiled and just as she was about to shut the door another lightning blot flew across the sky.
"Oh no, you girls want a ride home?" She asked.
"Yes please." We replied in unison.

After we all sat in her Range Rover, she turned on the radio and what else than "River Deep, Mountain High." Came on.

"Oh I LOVE THIS SONG! Tina Turner is amazing!" Mrs. Hudson smiled.
"Actually, we are singing this song for chorus tomorrow." I said.
"Oh really? Awesome!" Mrs. Hudson smiled.
"Thanks." Molly smiled back.
"I have the karaoke version on one of my CD's. Can I hear you two sing it?" She asked.
"Sure!" We replied, smiling.

She popped in the CD and the guitar intro played.

"When I was a little girl
I had a rag doll
Only doll I've ever owned" Molly's powerful voice filled my ears.

"Now I love you just the way
I loved that rag doll
But only now my love has grown." I sang.

"And it gets stronger, in every way" Molly's voice became a bit higher.

"And it gets deeper, let me say
And it gets higher, day by day"

Molly and I exchanged a smile and sang more.

"Do I love you my oh my
River deep mountain high
Yeah Yeah Yeah
If I lost you would I cry
Oh how I love you baby, baby, baby, baby"

Then, before we could finish, we pulled up to our house.
"You girls are FANTASTIC singers! Amazing! Perfect!" Mrs. Hudson complimented.
"Thank you!" I smiled.
"And Thanks for the ride" Molly finished.

We both waved and ran into the house.

She honked as she drove away.

"Hey, you never know, she could one day be your Mother-In-Law" I smiled.
Molly playfully hit me then we ran inside to check on our dresses.

"Oh my gosh, Nali! AMAZING!" Molly gushed as she saw hers;

"It's gorgeous, Sonali! Great job" I smiled as I looked at Molly's.

"Open yours!" Sonali smiled.

I did as she told, and I was speechless;

"There's more." Sonali smiled, handing me a box.
"My contacts!" I exclaimed.
"They came JUST in time for the big day." Molly smiled.
"Thanks!" I yelled and then bolted to my room.

This is gonna be good...

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  1. Omg! Those dresses are so PRETTY!!! I love how yours and molly's are the same way but different fabric!
    Tell Sonali I LOVE mine! I tried it on and it was soo cute!