Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Annabelle and Apoligies

"MAIL CALL!" Callie's voice filled my room. I jumped up and ran to the mailbox and pulled out all of the things inside it.

"Marisol Luna, Marisol Luna, Jess McConnell, Molly McIntire, Marisol Luna" I named off who the letters were addressed to, then I came across...
"PRUDENCE?!" I read in disbelief, then when I went to see it's return address (that's who also wrote it) it said...

I screamed and jumped up and down.
I haven't heard from Sonny and Kenna since I was adopted by Melanie in July.
I nearly forgot the fight that was going on between Abbey and I.
I ran inside, tossed all of the other mail on the kitchen counter and zoomed to my room. After ripping open the envelope I read;

Dear Prudence,
Sonny; HAHAHA that was a name of a song!
Kenna; Shut up Son, Pru probably knows that.
Sonny; some one's happy today. Well anyways WE MISS YOU SO MUCH!
Kenna; yeah, it's CRAZY. The girls here haven't changed, oh and Ivy says 'hello'
Sonny; Everything's been fine EXCEPT there is a big Prudence-sized hole in our world since you left.
Kenna; True that, True that.
Sonny; Oh and that was Kenna's failure at trying to be 'modern'
Kenna; gee thanks, Sons. ANYHOW, there is this new girl, she is a JLY #35 and her name is Annabelle. She is SO NICE! I'll give you the details of us meeting miss Annabelle.
"Sonny, what are we going to do today?" I asked Sonny.
"I think we should go jump off the rocky mountains, do you think I know?" Sonny was always sarcastic.
We were just sitting in Sonny's box and Sonny was about to say something when we heard.
"HA HA! We're going to call you Anna-FAIL." Then a bunch of snobbish giggles.
I turned to see Riley, the 'queen' #35, tormenting another little #35.
Sonny heard this too because after their giggles died down, Sonny stood up and said "Hey, Riley, Guess what?!"
This could not be good.
Riley rolled her eyes and asked "What ALISON"
Sonny narrowed her eyes, she hates her real name more then she hates Riley, and that is saying something.
Then she replied "Well, RILEY-SON. I don't think it is nice of you to pick on poor little..." Sonny stopped, then little #35 spoke up
"Annabelle Martin.. My name is Annabelle Martin."
Riley rolled her eyes and then said "You know what, you three LOSERS can talk, because I'm done with you.... for now." Then Riley stormed off.
Sonny called to her "GOODBYE, YOUR MAJESTY!"
Annabelle giggled "Thank you for standing up for me, but you didn't have to do that."
It was my turn to talk now. "Yeah we did, Riley shouldn't be mean to anyone. She probably wasn't brought up right."
Sonny used one of her 'Sonny-isms' "Yeah, I mean the crazy apple don't fall far from the crazy tree."
Annabelle and I giggled. Then Annabelle spoke "Was she always this mean?"
Sonny and I exchanged a look, then turned "Yeah, Pretty Much"
Annabelle sighed. "Great..."
Sonny reassured her "Hey, Annie don't worry. One day, she'll get adopted and she will be out of your copper-red hair"
Annabelle smiled a little. "Thanks.... uh.... What was your names again?"
Sonny piped up "Alison Scarlet, at your service, but you can call me Sonny. After the song 'Here Comes the Sun'"
Typical Sonny, never letting anyone know her last name. "I'm McKenna Beth Walters, but you can call me Kenna." I smiled.
Annabelle's eyes lit up "WAIT, you like the Beatles?"
Sonny said "Hon, try LOVE THE BEATLES"
I added "L-O-V-E"
Annabelle said "I love them too, I used to listen to them everyday on my record player."
Sonny and I gaped "WHAT YEAR ARE YOU FROM?" We asked-yelled in unison.
We exchanged a look, then turned to her
"That. Is. So. COOOOOOOOOOOOL!" I yelled, and held the 'o' in 'cool' far too long.
For the rest of the day, we were trying on clothes, introducing miss Martin to all of our historical friends and just getting to know each other.
Sonny; Do you like her Pru?
Kenna; you'd LOVE HER if you met her!
Sonny; Uh oh, we have to go.
Kenna; Yeah, we better get this letter sent!

<3 Kenna and Sonny

I read the letter and couldn't stop smiling.
They remember me was my initial thought

"Annabelle seems nice"
I jumped, then turned to find Abbey.
"Was I reading that out loud?" I questioned.
"Yes" She replied without a second thought.
"Oh..." I trailed off.
"Prudence, I just came here to say I was sorry. I mean, Jackie is YOUR friend, so why should I get in the way of that?" Abbey said, she was looking like she could burst into tears at any moment.
"Well, Abbey. You were right. She wasn't a good friend." I sighed.
"WHAT?!" Abbey yelled.
"She was talking about me behind my back."
"She won't be doing that anymore." Abbey said, her hazel eyes were sparkling with mischief.
"So are we friends again?" She asked.
"Friends? No. Best friends? Yes" I smiled.
"YAY!" Abbey screamed, pulling me in for a hug.

I had my best friend back :)



  1. omg! I'm so happy for you! Good thing you and Abbey are back to being best friends again! I wish me and Ivy could do the same thing. but I'm not going into that right now! lol

    and also I'm happy to hear that you got a letter from Sonny and Kenna. they sound like really nice dolls. and so does Annabelle. I used to have a friend named Annabelle.


  2. Yay! I'm so happy Abby and you are friends again! And Annabelle seems nice!

    Speaking bout' Annabelles Thank you SO much for commenting on my blog. That means ALOT to me.

    Who do think your mom/owner/person will get next!?