Saturday, June 11, 2011



Hello again, beautiful friends and followers.

It seems I haven't been blogging since, well, A MILLION YEARS.

I don't know if I am going to continue my blog (we'll have to see, maybe I will.)

So, if worst comes to worst and I do- in fact - delete my blog, I will just tell you what's been happening lately.


Melanie hasn't even given any of us dolls a second glance in 3 months.


This is hopeless, you guys. I don't want to be put up on a shelf, but here I am, looking down at the girl who once loved me but now doesn't even remember all of our names.

Charity and I haven't seen Elizabeth, Rebecca or Julie for the longest time. Mel won't let us go to school. I don't know how anyone's been doing. This is terrible.


And so begins the 'final phase' of being a doll;

Being forgotten.



  1. Oh no! No no no no! I truly hope that doesn't happen! I'm sure Melaine will pick you up again soon. It's sad to think Leanna hasn't played with us for 2 weeks. :( Maybe things will turn around...maybe...

    one of Leanna's doll

  2. Her AG dolls may not be played with for this stage in her life... but soon, prudence, she will remembre U.. that happens to busy Kids that age... I SHOULD KNOW!!!! i am 12 and do not really play with mine.... but then after a while i got interested again.